WordPress Threaded Comments Not Working

WordPress Threaded Comments Not Working
After a long time, I finally figured out what was causing my threaded comments not to work.

I can’t exactly remember when I first noticed it, but I found out that the threaded or nested comments stopped working here on my JaypeeOnline.

I tried asking the developer of the theme I was using at that time and they said that it could be a conflict with one of the WordPress plugins I was using. They suggested that I deactivate all the plugins and enable them one by one to find out the culprit. Did exactly that, but it didn’t help and I wasn’t able to determine the cause of the problem.

I tried searching it up on Google but I couldn’t find a solution and I ended up totally forgetting about it.

Threaded Comments Still Not Working

Fast forward a couple of years and I got reminded about it a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to reply to someone’s comment. I realized that the threaded comments were still not working.

After doing a few Google searches, I finally found the answer in a WordPress support post.

Could you guess what the culprit was? I found out that it was Cloudflare’s Rocket Loader (a feature that helps speed up page load time by deferring the loading of all JavaScript codes) that was causing the problem.

Although I was happy to see a solution, I wasn’t sure if that would fix the issue I was having, but there was only one way to find out. I immediately disabled Rocket Loader, cleared my site cache, purged the Cloudflare cache, and also cleared my browser cache. Then I tried replying to an existing comment and it worked! I was both happy and relieved to know that the threaded comments now work.

Worked Out For The Best

It worked out for the best because I also found out that the optimal settings for WP Rocket suggested deactivating Rocket Loader because having it activated could cause conflicts/issues with WP Rocket.

WP Rocket Optimal Settings

I hope that sharing this would help other Cloudflare users like me who are experiencing the same issue of the threaded comments not working on their WordPress-powered site.

If you find this article helpful or useful, please do share it so that many more people will benefit from it. Thank you and have a nice day!

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