Guess Who’s Back Again?

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I know I’ve said this before..hehe..this is the like the umpteenth time that I’ve had to reinstall WordPress, the themes, plugins and do the customizations all over again. What makes matters worst this time is that I lost the backups for my MySQL database and that means that I’ve lost all my previous posts, so I have to start from scratch.

Oh well, all I can do is charge this to experience and learn from it. I’m just glad that I was able to get my free hosting account back. Now that I have this thing up and running, I’m gonna start the slow process of customization and adding of features and stuff.

As you can see, I’m still using the same theme Falling Dreams. I really like this theme. Also, to those who have me in their blogroll or links, please let me know or send me a message so I could add you to my blogroll. I don’t remember all the names that were on my list before. Thanks!

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  1. boss retz! talaga? maraming nalungkot sa pagkawala ko? hehe..buti nga nakuha ko ulit ang account ko..yon nga lang wala lahat ng previous posts ko..anyways, yon domain hindi pa ngayon, next year na siguro.

  2. wooohooo fafa jeyps back online!!!

    nalungkot ang madami sa pag-offline mo

    anyway atleast ur back in business

    more power!!!

    hmm, na ba?

    hehehe :D

  3. ei trench, thanks! well yeah, but think about the time and effort i put into each of those previous posts? also, those previous posts create some traffic because they're cached in Google and they show up when certain keywords are used, but now they're all gone.

  4. hehe..thanks! no choice, i have to maintain the required number of posts to keep my account and not lose it again. hindi mo na kinanglan ang free account sa iconrate, may ara ka na imo nga host di ba? ako ya mantinir lang ko dire kay wala ko kwarta pambayad sa hosting. hehe

  5. Congrats!!!! hmmmmm.. i'm thinking about getting my iconrate domain back again too.. pero tamaran ko mag repost! hahahaha.. nag post ka man liwat sa ila nga forum?

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