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blog updates

It’s been a while since I last did a blog update post. It’s not that I haven’t had any updates to post but I just didn’t have time to do it especiallly during the two month hiatus. Aside from the recent theme reboot, I’ve also updated, uninstalled and installed plugins.

Uninstalled Plugins:

  • Who Sees Ads? – I had to disable/uninstall the Who Sees Ads? plugin because it suddenly caused a fatal error the other day. It brought the site down and even prevented me from accessing the WP dashboard.

    At first, I thought that maybe Dreamhost was upgrading or fixing something so I sent them a ticket. When the support person replied I found out that the problem was caused by the Who Sees Ads? plugin and that it was eating up more than the allocated memory in my server. What I did was I deleted the plugin folder via FTP and it fixed the problem.

    I’ve contacted the author and discussed the issue with him. I’ll try to use the plugin again one of these days and see if the error pops up again.

  • WP 2.3 Related Posts – I used this plugin because it came by default with the current theme I’m using. However I noticed that it didn’t display related posts on some of my posts so I decided to switch back to the previous plugin I used – Related Entries.
  • Brian’s Latest Comments – Used this plugin in my previous theme to display recent comments on the sidebar. Now with my new theme, I no longer need a plugin to display the recent comments.
  • New Tag Cloud – Also had this come by default with my theme. This plugin adds a widget that you can use to display tags. I uninstalled it because I didn’t need it and I don’t use widgets on my blog.

Installed Plugins:

  • WP Ban – Installed and used this plugin only a few hours because I had to ban a certain IP from accessing my blog. I’ve deactivated it but I’m keeping this plugin around, just in case.
  • WP Tag Manager – Useful plugin if you want to manage/edit your tags or delete a specific tag. No need to go through each individual post to edit or delete your tags. You can view and edit/delete all your tags on one page.
  • Multi Column Link List – Recommended by one of my regular readers FruityOaty, it’s what I’m currently using for my links page. I switched to this plugin because the one I was previously using – IMP Links, doesn’t work with WP 2.3+ and the author has abandoned the plugin. Too bad, because I really liked that plugin.
  • Flash Tag Cloud – Came by default with my new theme and I liked it so I decided to keep it. It’s the plugin that displays the “tags” on the left sidebar.
  • CommentLuv – I tried installing this plugin in my previous theme and couldn’t get it to work. I’m glad that it works with my new theme. It’s another way of encouraging your readers to leave comments.

I’m not sure but I think I missed one or two plugins that I’ve uninstalled. I already deleted them from the plugins folder so I have no way of checking. Hehe I’ll update this post if I get to remember something that I missed. Anyways, that’s most of the changes that I’ve done to this blog aside from the minor tweaks on the code.

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  1. @FruityOaty – Yeah, I did and thanks to you! I like the plugin although it’s not the same as IMP links. Can you please share the URL of the new link plugin or maybe the hacked version? ;)

    I also thought about fixing the IMP links plugin, but I realized my PHP skills are limited. Hehe :D

  2. Glad you found the links plugin useful… Actually, I found another links plugin that was better for me… I hacked it up a little bit to get it to display what I wanted because I still like my links grouped under “category name” as opposed to just alphabetical order (A-Z).

    I was going to “attempt” (with my sucky hacky PHP skills) to fix the IMP Links plugin because I really loved it, but unfortunately I deleted the plugin…

  3. @K – Oh, that one. I made my header image with Adobe Photoshop. What kind of header image do you have in mind? I’m not a graphic artest but let me know and I’ll try to make one for you. :D

  4. @rose – Hehe, oo nga. Minsan kasi nakakalimutan ko na online na ulit ang blog mo tapos iba na pati ang domain mo, hindi ko na memorize. Mabuti naman, how bout you? Hope you and your family are all doin fine. God bless! :D

  5. @Pinay – You’re welcome! In case you need any help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. Just leave a comment or send me a message via the Contact page and I’ll see what I can do. :D

  6. ako din. ganyon lang din nakadalaw.. naka add ka naman sa google reader ko hihi..
    musta ka na? napadalaw lang sayo.. have a nice day

  7. @K – Widgets are nice and easy to use but I like to have full control of my blog content and theme. I saw that you’re using a new theme again. It’s nice and simple but if you ask me, I prefer the previous one.

    Anyways, what do you mean by css header image? Do you mean a custom header image? Can you give me a good example?

  8. @Techblissonline – Yeah, I love it too. I wish I was able to install it earlier on my previous theme. Good question. I honestly don’t know but I guess that’s just how the plugin author named it.

    Just visited your blog and you got really good posts there. Keep up the good work and thanks for dropping by! ;)

  9. You’re definitely a hardcore blogger who say NO to widgets. I’ve always thought that widget ready theme can cause slower load but for me, it’ the easiest way to drag and click rather than encoding plugins into the php (which is fun btw).

    Ya’see I’ve been playing with my new theme, for days. I have previously become a prisoner of templates so you know, my concerned is to use/reuse good plugins and your lists are the best so far.

    I wanna know how to make a good css-looking header image tho’.

  10. @sylv3rblade – So you’ve used that plugin too before? Yeah, although it’s fast, it doesn’t display any related posts on some of my posts and for me it doesn’t serve it’s purpose. I’d chose accuracy. Thanks for the heads up! I didn’t know the plugin author moved the page. I’ve edited the link already. :)

    Btw, congratulations on winning the premium theme from BloggingMix’s contest! So when will we see it on your blog? :D

  11. @Dexter – Thanks! I’m glad to know that you’re one of my loyal subscribers. Yeah, I was finally able to change my blog theme. Glad you like it. Happy blogging to you too! :)

    Btw, I tried accessing your blog earlier but it was down. Were you aware of any downtimes?

  12. I agree. Duling madalas ung WP 2.3 Related posts but I think it's much faster than other plugins since it just checks the Tags instead of searching the whole post for relevant terms. Performance for Accuracy?

    I just checked ung site nung Related Posts… down? o.O

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