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Here’s a new bandwidth test site that comes from the same company that created SpeakEasy.

Speedtest allows the user to select a server (nearest to your location) to ping from, in several locations in North America, Europe and Australia. This new speed test graphically displays the connections in an interactive map. You can also change the settings for your connection results. You can sort by date, download, upload or server; you can choose how many results it shows per page, change the time zone, choose speed measurement (kilobits, kilobytes, megabits or megabytes) and choose distance measurement (kilometers or miles). Another cool thing you can do with your speed results on Speedtest is share it. They provide links for posting it in forums, posting in your website/weblog and a direct link which you can send thru emails/messages.

Here’s the results of my speed test:

Using Los Angeles, California server:
US Results

Using London, UK server:
UK Results

Using Auckland, NZ server:
NZ Results

I’m using the wireless modem because I couldn’t find the ethernet cable. I’ll try another test when I find the ethernet cable.

Check your Internet connection speed via Speedtest

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  1. @eric – i think you have it the other way around. download should be more than upload. you've got a very good internect connection. who's your ISP?

  2. @jhay – thanks! i'm just fortunate to have this type of internet connection. i see, that's why i couldn't open the page when i tried clicking on the links. anyways, about the theme, i'll think of something. as of now, i don't have anything to suggest. i'll let you know, if i come up with something and if it's not too late yet.

    @trench – yeah, i think the distance to the server you connect to does matter. dang! i haven't even replied to your first comment you already tagged me. hehe. it's good though coz i now have something to blog about. :D

    @leon – thanks! i already included your link as soon as i posted that comment on your entry.

    @jim – i'm not sure which one. i'll have to check. i'll let you know as soon as i find out which package is it. btw, we were in Azusa yesterday. :)

  3. Blazing speeds dude! If only cable internet is available here in my province!

    I did my own tests and compared it to Speedeasy.net results and speedtest.net showed faster speeds. They're both quite nifty.


    The Philippine Blog carnival's home site is down, but I'm moving it to my new blog, a new edition will come out this August and I'll make an announcement later, maybe this weekend, as soon as I sort out my life. hehehe

    Would you like to suggest a topic or theme? :)

  4. @Ang-ang – but ethernet is faster! :D

    @trench – foreal? i’m not sure, the results are probably that fast coz i connected to a the LA server which is very near. that’s why i tried connecting to other servers and the results were different.

    @Jam – you’re welcome. you might find it helpful in the future. :)

    @ken – yup, i too have been using Speakeasy before i found out about this new test. you’re welcome. :)

  5. I've been a user of the SpeakEasy test for a while, and it has proven to be very accurate and helpful. This looks to be even better. Thanks for sharing.

  6. holy crap JP. Thats super speed. My cable in nowhere as good as yours. Guam is still behind in technology! I have downloads of 611kps and uploads of 259kps! Your speed is AMAZING!!

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