WordPress for Android 1.4 Now Available


Just want to share to all you WordPress and Android users out there that WordPress for Android version 1.4 was already released yesterday and is now available via the Android Market. So what’s new with this WordPress mobile app made for Android devices?

  • Post Scheduling – enables users to schedule posts or pages and publish them on a specified date or time.
  • Post Password – enables users to password protect posts and keep posts or pages private to certain users.
  • HTTP Authentication Support – self-hosted blogs using HTTP Authentication (username/password) can now be managed via the Android app.

Other Additional Changes/Improvements

  • Added secure password storage to the local database.
  • ‘Unapproved’ comments now have a yellow tint.
  • Added ‘Today’ option in stats.
  • Fixed crash when alert dialog was trying to be shown after the app was closed.
  • Fixed crash related to large post ID values.

Since WordPress for Android is an Open Source project, most of the features were contributed by volunteer developers within the community. Kudos to all the volunteers who share their time and effort in helping maintain and adding more features to the WordPress for Android app.

Download WordPress for Android 1.4 from the Android Market.

Since I have an iPhone, I’ve only used the WordPress for iOS and haven’t tried the Android version. Anyone here who’s tried both apps? Which one works better or has more features/options? Please share your thoughts.

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