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WordPress for Android 1.4 Now Available

Just want to share to all you WordPress and Android users out there that WordPress for Android version 1.4 was already released yesterday and is now available via the Android Market. So what’s new with

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Pale Moon – Custom Built & Optimized Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox is a very good and stable browser and I love it because of the many available extensions/addons/plugins that provide lots of extended features. However, Mozilla Firefox when used (with a lot of extensions

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WordPress for Windows Phone 7

I’m sure WordPress users rocking the latest Windows Phone 7 devices would be happy with this news. The WordPress team has released the WordPress for Windows Phone 7 app and is now available via the

iphone killer

Open Source “iPhone Killer”

Ever since Steve Jobs announced the Apple iPhone three years ago, almost every other big-named mobile maker/brand have tried to come up with their own iPhone killer. Everytime a new and powerful smartphone came out,

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The WordPress Foundation

The WordPress Foundation was officially announced yesterday with the launch of its official website. Started by Matt Mullenweg, the WordPress Foundation is a charitable organization founded to help and support Open Source. I found out

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Whats on your USB Drive?

Remember the times when you had to carry a case full of floppy disks to carry your digital documents and files? I do. Portable media storage devices like the zip drive were already available at

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What is Google Wave?

Early this year, the Google I/O Developer Conference was held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. During day 2 of the event, Google surprised everybody by presenting a new product for real-time communication and


Songbird 1.0 Released

The first time I came across Songbird was back in 2005 when it was still a proof-of-concept. I was looking for a free media player alternative and fortunately for me, I came across Songbird. I

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WordPress: Best Open Source Social Networking CMS

WordPress just won the Best Open Source Social Networking CMS Award in the recent 2007 Open Source CMS Awards sponsored by Packt. Packt is pleased to reveal that WordPress is the first winner of the

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Free Text Editors Part I

One important tool that any web developer, programmer or blogger should have is a text editor. Aside from the popular Notepad that goes with Windows, there are a lot of free text editors that are