2011 Summer WordCamps

I haven’t attended a WordCamp since WordCamp Las Vegas two years ago. I planned to attend a couple WordCamps scheduled in California (WordCamp LA & WordCamp Orange County) but due to some conflicts in schedule, I wasn’t able to make it.

If you’re looking to attend a blogging event this year or simply looking for something fun to do and keep you busy this summer, then you should definitely attend a WordCamp. There are several WordCamps scheduled this summer all around the globe so check out the list below and see if there’s one scheduled on your area or somewhere near you.

I was hoping that there was gonna be a WordCamp this year here in the Maryland-Washington DC (WordCamp Mid-Atlantic) area but so far there’s no word about any plans for 2011. The closest ones would be WordCamp Raleigh and WordCamp Boston which are both several hours drive away so I’m not really sure I’ll be able to attend them.

For those who are in the Chicago and Portland area, the organizers for the local WordCamps are still working on getting a venue for the event (WordCamp Chicago – late July, WordCamp Portland – September) so make sure to check out the official websites for further announcements.

To get the complete list of upcoming WordCamps in your country or location, check out the WordCamp Central. If you don’t have or never had a WordCamp scheduled in your area, why don’t you organize one?

Anyone organizing/attending a WordCamp this year? Which WordCamp are you attending?

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