Yahoo! Buzz Shutting Down on April 21st

It’s official, Yahoo! will be shutting down Yahoo! Buzz, their community-based news article website (similar to Digg) on April 21st. This comes less than a month after they discontinued their social network for bloggers – MyBlogLog.

Here’s the official announcement of the discontinuation of the Yahoo! Buzz service:

Yahoo! Buzz Shutdown

Launched in August of 2008, Yahoo! Buzz tried to compete with the likes of Digg, Newsvine, Google Buzz and Reddit but the service just didn’t catch on and didn’t click with users as there were just too many options available to Internet users. The majority of users these days prefer to share web content via Facebook or Twitter. Hard core users prefer sites like Reddit and Newsvine while techies (nerds and geeks) prefer sites like Digg and Slashdot.

This development doesn’t come as a surprise but rather confirms the leaked screenshot released late last year showing a list of web apps and services that Yahoo! plans to shutdown. I hope that the rumors about Yahoo! selling Delicious is true because I’d hate to see it being shut down.

Do you think this was a good decision by Yahoo!? Anyone here using Yahoo! Buzz? Which service will you switch to when the service shuts down later this month? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. Won’t really be switching to any new service as I am not currently using Yahoo Buzz. I was for a while on MyBlogLog but replaced it very quickly when FaceBook gained momentum. Surprised though that they decided to shut it down. I had the impression that they were somewhat profitable. Anyway…

    Yeah, I hope they do sell delicious rather than shutting it down. We’ll see.

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