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If you’re an avid WordPress user like me, then you should definitely attend WordCamp. Each year, WordCamps are held in different cities across the world. For those who aren’t familiar with WordCamp, here’s a short description from WordCamp Central:

WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other. WordCamps are open to WordPress.com and WordPress.org users alike

There are several WordCamps happening this month of September and I was hoping I could attend one or both of them. The first one is WordCamp LA which is happening this coming weekend, September 12-13. When Austin Passy first mentioned plans of organizing WordCamp LA, I was excited because it was close by and I knew I had a good chance of attending it. Unfortunately, due to some conflicts in schedule, I won’t be able to attend it. Anyways, for those of you who might be interested, here are the details for WordCamp LA.

WordCamp LA
Date: September 12-13, 2009
Venue: Loyola Marymount University
Address: Loyola Marymount University, 1 LMU Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Registration Fee: $25 (54 tickets left)
Click here to register

Another WordCamp that I would’ve loved to attend, WordCamp Philippines is happening next week, September 19th.

WordCamp Philippines
Date: September 19, 2009
Venue: Asian Institute of Management, Makati City, Philippines
Address: Asian Institute of Management, 123 Paseo de Roxas, MCPO Box 2095, Makati City 1260, Metro Manila, Philippines
Registration Fee: P500 (inclusive of lunch & freebies)
Click here to register

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend WordCamp Las Vegas early this year which also happens to be my first WordCamp. It was such a wonderful learning experience for me. Aside from the information and knowledge gained from the different speakers, I was also able to meet other bloggers/WordPress users like John Hawkins (organizer of WordCamp Las Vegas), Lorelle VanFossen and got to meet, talk and have a picture taken with Mr. WordPress himself – Matt Mullenweg.

If there’s an opportunity for you to attend a WordCamp in your area, don’t miss it. Trust me, you’ll love it and it will be a wonderful experience that you’ll be looking forward to the next WordCamp. Btw, if you’d like to know if there will be any upcoming WordCamps in your area, check out WordCamp Central.

I hope that both WordCamp LA and WordCamp Philippines will be a success. I wish all the organizers all the best and hope that all the attendees will enjoy these events. Btw, anyone attending any of these upcoming WordCamps? If you are, make sure you take lots of photos, blog about it and share it with us.

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  1. @Austin – Glad to hear that. I’m really disappointed that I wasn’t able to attend. Anyways, thanks for the heads-up for whatever it is that’s coming up. Hehe

    You’re going to Blog World? That’s so cool. Hope you have fun and don’t forget to take photos and share it with us. :D

  2. @jan – I haven’t attended a WordCamp in the Philippines but based on my experience from WordCamp Las Vegas, I can say that its a wonderful learning experience. Aside from the stuff you learn from the speakers you also get to meet a lot of wonderful people (bloggers) including some popular figures in the blogging world or the guys behind WordPress like Matt Mullenweg and other developers.

    Next time, you need to put WordCamp on top of your list of blogging events to attend. ;)

  3. Come to think of it, what is it I need to learn in a WordCamp that I can’t readily get at a click of mouse – visit your blog for example, or smashing magazine or even howtomakeuseof site? Nothing.

    But of course there’s that chance to meet Jay or Loy and other uber Filipino bloggers.

    Yup, like Jhay and Loy I did not register. I’ve attended two blog meet ups in a row already. Time to sit down and actually write, seriously. There’s always next year anyway. “,)

  4. @Austin – I know there was gonna be a dev day and as much as I wanted to go, I couldn’t. Something came up and there was also a conflict with schedule. Hopefully next year. Btw, how was it? :)

  5. @Jhay – $500? LOL the registration fee for WordCamps here in the US usually don’t cost more than $25 and that already includes a tshirt, swag and some food. :D

    If you contacted one of the organizers, you could’ve have gotten in. I’m sure not all those who registered would make it to the event.

  6. @ Jaypee: Yeah! I misread the registration fee to be $500 US instead of Php500 so I wrote it off my calendar. I only found out about the real price when the registration deadline had already passed!

    Well, there’s always next year. And I could really use another weekend to rest.

  7. Yes, I’m registered but I didn’t pay the registration fee of 500 pesos. I don’t know if they’ll still accept payments though. :-)

  8. I registered early for WordCamp Philippines but changed my mind because of my busy schedule. Well, there’s still next year. :-)

  9. @Jhay – What?!? You missed another WordCamp? Oh man, you should have marked your calendar earlier so you wouldn’t have missed it. Btw, don’t they offer something like late registration for a slightly higher fee? :D

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