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It’s been six months since I blogged about VaultPress, a premium blog backup service started by no other than Mr. WordPress, himself – Matt Mullenweg. For those who haven’t heard or aren’t familiar with VaultPress, it’s a blog backup service whose goal and purpose is to protect WordPress-powered blogs from any types of disaster and protect all important files and data.

I applied to be a Beta tester and yesterday, I got my VaultPress Golden Ticket via email.

Hi. Your golden ticket has arrived.

Today is your lucky day. You are now in possession of a golden ticket.

Your golden ticket entitles you to sign up for the the VaultPress Beta and safeguard your entire WordPress environment from the ravages of hosting issues, server errors, hackers, alien attacks, and other evil villains.

After you sign up, be sure and extend your luck by securing your content in the Vault. You do this by completing the final step of the sign-up process and downloading and activating the VaultPress plug-in.

And then just rest easy. Because the VaultPress Safekeepers are now on your side.

Your VaultPress Safekeepers
Brian, Demitrious, John, Matt, Meghan, MT, & Paul

VaultPress is a useful and awesome service but unfortunately, I don’t have any need for it so I’ve decided to give away my Golden Ticket. The Golden Ticket entitles the user to be a VaultPress Beta tester and at the same time avail of a discounted monthly pricing per blog or site – $15/month for the Basic level (regular price $20) and $40/month for the Premium level (regular price $50). These discounted rates are good for the life of the VaultPress membership.

VaultPress Service Plans

If you’re interested, please leave a comment below and provide your blog details. I’ll only give away the VaultPress Golden Ticket to someone who will actually use it for their WordPress blog/website.

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