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In case you haven’t heard, has recently launched a new appetizing and hunger-inspiring site called FoodPress. This site will be dedicated to featuring the best food-related posts from the more than 14 million blogs on’s network. I’m sure everyone who loves food (including myself) will like FoodPress.

From the blog:

“..we couldn’t resist building a special new site dedicated to showing off the amazing breadth of food-related posts on Today we’re thrilled to announce FoodPress, the go-to destination for the hottest dishes from bloggers. To help us run the site, we’ve partnered with publishing company Federated Media. Each day, FoodPress features snippets of posts, which is designed to get new people to discover and then click through to a blog.”

How to get featured on FoodPress? If you already have a food blog on or planning on starting one and would wan to be featured on FoodPress, here are some of the things that you need to do:

1. Tag your posts with food-related tags (recipes, baking, breakfast, cocktails, desserts, etc.) – Posts featured on FoodPress are hand picked by editor Jane Maynard and she finds most posts by searching for those food-related tags.
2. Include good quality and clear photos – Photos are essential because people want to see how the food looks like.
3. Add recipes – Optional but adds plus points.
4. Update your blog regularly – blogs that are frequently updated usually gets more attention than those that aren’t.

You can read the complete post on 5 Ways to Get Featured on FoodPress. If you have an old or idle blog on, you might want to put it into good use and turn it into a food blog. Who knows, your post might end up getting featured on FoodPress.

I really think that FoodPress is an awesome idea and I think that we’re gonna see more special sites on that will be dedicated to specific niches in the near future. Personally, the launching of FoodPress couldn’t have been better. I’ve been planning on starting my own food blog for quite some time now and FoodPress would be a great place to learn about food blogging from other food bloggers.

What do you think of’s special site FoodPress? What other niche/s do you think should create special sites for? Please share your thoughts.

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