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UPDATED: 07/29/2015

I’ve been wanting to get myself a WordPress Footed Bistro mug for a long time. I tried to buy one last year, but they ran out of stock. I was more disappointed when I go and check back several months later only to see that the WordPress Shop was closed down for redesign/renovation. Two weeks ago, the WordPress Shop now called the WordPress Swag Store finally opened up for business and the first thing I did was to purchase a WordPress mug.

Since the shipping was done via USPS flat rate Priority Mail, it took a week to get here and I received the mug last Friday morning.

WordPress Mug Product Photos

WordPress Mug

WordPress Mug

WordPress Mug

I <3 my WordPress mug! The weather’s been quite cold (and getting colder) the past few days so I’ve been using the mug everyday for some hot beverages, especially hot chocolate. I love that the mug is in my favorite color – blue and the mug’s size and weight is just right for me, plus the footed base makes it very sturdy.

I’ve been using this WordPress mug for about 5 years now and I can say that it’s very durable. So far there’s been no discoloration or any cracks even though I keep using putting in hot beverages and using it in the microwave. The WordPress Swag store no longer carries this type of mug but they do have a new kind of coffee mug that has a different color and design.

Next thing I’ll probably buy from the WordPress Swag Store is a WordPress tshirt. The only WordPress-related clothing I have is the WordCamp Las Vegas shirt I got from attending the event last year. I hope that the WordPress folks would add more products. What I would love to see them have are mouse pads, laptop skins, lanyards and keychains.

Anybody else bought some stuff from the WordPress Swag Store? If you would buy anything from the WordPress Swag Store, what would it be? What other products would you like WordPress to sell? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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  1. @Sourish – That’s the thing, international shipping really costs a lot. Maybe you can ask a friend living in the US to buy it for you and then find somebody who’s going back home to India to bring the mug. :)

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