WordPress Swag Store Now Open

WordPress Swag Store

A few months back, I tried to visit the WordPress Shop to check out some WordPress stuff but when I got there the site was closed for renovation. When I went to check yesterday, I was glad to see that it was already up and running. Aside from the website redesign/reboot, the WordPress Shop has a new URL and a new name – the WordPress Swag Store.

If the WordPress schwag you got from WordCamp wasn’t enough and you want to get your hands on more WordPress stuff, the WordPress Swag Store is the best place to find and buy official WordPress merchandise. There you can find WordPress shirts, jackets, hoodies, iPhone skins, moleskine notebooks, mugs, water bottles, USB thumb drives and many more.

WordPress Swag Store Products

Any of these WordPress products would make a good Christmas or holiday gift for any WordPress user. Btw, I bought myself a WordPress Footed Bistro Mug. :D

The WordPress Swag Store is already 100% functional but not yet 100% finished in terms of design and features. The team is still working on the fancy stuff which will be implemented soon. I hope they don’t forget to add product details (dimensions, weight, etc.) and put more product images so customers can have a better idea of the product before they purchase them. I also hope they’d offer more products like mousepads, laptop/netbook bags, keychains, etc. and also offer more color options for their apparel.

Check out the WordPress Swag Store!

NOTE: schwag or swag is the slang term for promotional items or products that are used for marketing. schwag items usually have the company’s name, logo or slogan, and are given away at trade shows, conferences. other names include swag or loot.

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  1. Aww, thanks so much Jaypee! I’m so excited na!! haha I wonder, have you considered using Livefyre or Disquis in your comment box para mas madali bahasin yung threads or you don’t find those services worth trying? Curious lang kasi madami ka kasing commenters so I guess it might save time and mas organize siguro pag ganun? #justsayin

  2. @Jonha – Hello! Yes, I still have some WordPress swag left and I could spare you some. International shipping costs quite a bit so what I’m gonna do is find someone who’s going back to the Philippines and have them bring the package. Once it gets there, I’ll ask my friend to ship it to your address. It may take a while but it will be less expensive and you don’t have to worry about the local shipping cost. Okay?

  3. Hi Jaypee,

    I wonder if you still have some WordPress swag to spare? I’d love to have some! I’ve been a Blogger fanatic for more than a year but I realized that if I really wanna be taken seriously by the blogosphere, I need to get into the WP bandwagon! It would mean so much to me if I could have some. Here’s my mailing address ;-) (Don’t worry, I’ll shoulder the shipping expenses if needed ;-) And of course, tireless plugging of your site if you’ll grant my request ;-)

  4. @Vincent – I know huh? Even the local shipping was a bit expensive. But I know they’re working out on providing different shipping rates and hopefully it’ll include cheaper rates for both local and international shipping so all WordPress users could avail of their favorite products. :D

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