WordPress Footed Bistro Mug

WordPress Footed Bistro Mug First was the WordPress T-Shirt. After that came the WordPress Hoodie. This time around, the latest product from the WordPress Shop is the WordPress Footed Bistro Mug which you can get for $10 (not-inclusive of shipping or tax).

I tried looking for the exact measurements or dimensions of the mug, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the WordPress Shop or even in the manufacturer’s website. Anyways, I love the WordPress mug! Especially because it comes in my favorite color, blue! $10 is a reasonable price but when I tried placing an order, they charged me $13.50 for shipping which IMO is quite expensive considering that it could take up to 14 days. I don’t know who handles their shipping but based on my experience from buying stuff online, with that price, shipping should take at least a week. Btw, when I checked it seems that the WordPress mug is only available in the Americas – US, Canada and South America because when I tried accessing the page from the World store, there was no mug listed there.

Here’s a short product description:

A ceramic bistro mug in cobalt blue emblazed with the WordPress logo. Features a sturdy footed base to help prevent those accidental spills.

And some additional product photos:

WordPress Footed Bistro Mug

WordPress Footed Bistro Mug

WordPress Footed Bistro Mug

For those of you who are not located in the Americas, would you get a WordPress mug if it was available for you? If you can choose, what color would you want your WordPress mug to be in?

Get your WordPress Footed Bistro Mug from the WordPress Shop.

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  1. @K – Coaster, probably. Coffee presser, I doubt it. Right now, the mugs are only available in cobalt blue but having it in white is also a good idea. So would you buy one if it was in white? :D

  2. Nice. I hope they also sell a coffee presser that goes along with the mug. Right, a coaster is not a bad idea, a little extra I suppose.

    Anything in white?

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