wordpress mug

Got My WordPress Mug

UPDATED: 07/29/2015 I’ve been wanting to get myself a WordPress Footed Bistro mug for a long time. I tried to buy one last year, but they ran out of stock. I was more disappointed when

wordpress schwag

WordPress Schwag

I love WordPress! I’m not only an avid fan and user but I also consider myself as an advocate of WordPress as evidenced by this blog where many of my posts are about WordPress news

Web Hosting

Free Limited Edition Dreamhost Keychains

Want to get a limited edition Dreamhost keychain? Check out the post below on how to get one. My web host, Dreamhost is celebrating its 10th birthday. Last week, they had their official 10th year


Get Your FeedBurner Swag

Feedburner is giving away free stickers and buttons. All you have to do is send them a stamped self-adressed envelope or an international reply coupon and send it to their new mailing address: Google c/o