HowTo: Access Disk Utility on a Mac Computer

disk utility tutorial

Disk Utility is a built-in Apple OS X operating system utility tool used for disk and disk volume-related functions. It can be used for creating, converting, backing up, compressing, encrypting, mounting, unmounting, and ejecting disk volumes. Disk Utility also works as a tool to verify the disk’s integrity, repair it if the disk is damaged as well as for erasing, formatting, partitioning, and cloning disks.

This is a very useful tool that many Mac users barely use and many aren’t even aware that it exists. That is until they come across an issue with their computer or storage device and they need to use it to fix something. I’ve helped a lot of Mac users and most if not all of them don’t know where to find or how to access Disk Utility on a Mac computer. So I decided to create this short and simple step-by-step tutorial to help folks and show them how to do it.

  • Open Main Drive (you can also use Finder)
  • disk utility

  • Select or open the Applications folder.
  • disk utility

  • Select or open the Utilities folder.
  • disk utility

  • Select Disk Utility.
  • disk utility

That’s it! Now you have accessed Disk Utility and you can proceed to use it. Hope that this short tutorial was able to help you access disk utility.

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