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These days, in order to be a blogger that stands out from the rest of the pack, you need to have immediate access. That access lets you stay abreast of the latest happenings in your field, and it lets you post directly to your blog as soon as you have something to say. This legitimizes you, and it separates you from the countless other bloggers who show up late to the party. The weapon of choice for the mobile blogger is the Apple iPhone because of its leading-edge performance and its extensive app library. In this article, we examine the top 15 iPhone apps for bloggers.

1. Google Mobile (Free) — This app brings all of those cool Google features to your iPhone: Earth, Mail, Photos, Talk and Search. Using this app, you can search by text, voice and even by your current geo-location.
Google Mobile App

2. TeamViewer (Free) – Blogging on the road means you’re away from your home office. The TeamViewer app, allows you to remotely access files from your home office computer or any computer running Windows, Mac OS or Linux.
TeamViewer App

3. Dropbox (Free) – with this app, you can store all your photos, documents, videos and other important files on the cloud and take it anywhere you go. Any new files you upload will be automatically synced to your Dropbox account so you can access it on your iPhone, iPad or any device via the Dropbox website.
Dropbox App

4. Adobe PS Express (Free) – Handy app for editing an image before uploading it to your blog. The Adobe PS Express app lets you do basic image editing (resize, crop, rotate, noise reduction, sharpen, exposure, saturation, contrast and a few extra filters and effects) right on your mobile device.
Adobe PS Express App

5. TweetDeck (Free) – allows bloggers to monitor, manage and engage in their social network. This app brings Twitter and Facebook feeds together into its flexible, column-based dashboard.
TweetDeck App

6. Byline (Universal) (Free; Pro version $2.99)— While there’s no shortage of RSS readers, Byline is particularly useful to bloggers because it takes a headline approach that lets you conveniently track a large number of blogs, feeds and other sites.
Byline App

7. Evernote (Free) — We all lead busy lives, and sometimes we have an idea for a post that we can’t act on immediately. Evernote is an excellent and simple way to cache that idea for later use.
Evernote App

8. WordPress (Free) — This app, which is free and open source, is a must-have tool for all bloggers who use the WordPress platform. It lets you create and edit posts and pages as well as moderate comments.
WordPress iOS App

9. Pen My Blog (Free) — The Pen My Blog app is an alternative to the WordPress app for BlogSpot/Blogger.com users. It isn’t open-source, but it is free, and it boasts a powerful, nearly complete feature set.
Pen My Blog App

10. Fring (Free) — Bloggers must stay connected to their network at all times. Fring offers a contact directory, provides VoIP via Wi-Fi and provides a wide range of communication clients including Skype, Twitter and most IM networks.
Fring App

11. Springpad (Free) – Because managing a blog is such a complex undertaking, the effective blogger is the organized blogger. This app allows you to quickly, easily save and organize ideas and information. Springpad is a free personal organizer app that’s particularly well suited to the modern blogger.
Springpad App

12. PixelPipe (Free) — PixelPipe is a free, community-powered gallery of photos that you can use royalty-free on your blog. It even has built-in features to send the images directly to Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and so forth.
PixelPipe App

13. CoverItLive (Free) — When blogging live and on the scene, sometimes your own words just don’t cut it. CoverItLive is an app that lets you record audio and video, take photos and post them directly to the blog.
CoverItLive App

14. JotNot Scanner Free (Pro version $0.99) – JotNot Scanner converts your iPhone into a portable multipage scanner. Useful for taking photographs of your documents to make sure that you don’t lose them. Pro version can convert scans into PDF, JPEG or PNG; can email scans directly, can upload to Evernote, Dropbox, Box.net or Google Docs.
JotNot Scanner Free App

15. Tumblr (Free) — Many bloggers have begun to use a tumble blog to augment their full blog. The Tumblr app gives them a convenient and quick way to publish thoughts and even images to it directly, which suits the medium well.
Tumblr App

Special Mention:

  • Dictionary.com (Free) – handy tool for bloggers to check word definitions and spelling, it also comes with a Thesaurus.
  • Pingdom (Free) – this app allows bloggers to connect to the Pingdom uptime monitoring service to monitor their site/s uptime and view the current status of the server.

Which apps do you have on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Which app is your most favorite or the one you use most often? What other iPhone blogging apps are you using that aren’t on the list? Please share your thoughts.

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    Thanks for the list. I have not heard most of the apps featured here. :)

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