DooID Version 2.0 Public Beta

DooID Version 2.0 Beta

About this same time last year I blogged about DooID, a free service that lets you quickly and easily create a free virtual business card. Fast forward to a year later, the DooID team has now released the public beta of DooID version 2.0 which boasts to be “the most exciting way to create virtual business cards” and includes a set of new features.

DooID version 2.0 Features
DooID Features

1. We’ve prepared amazing new layouts that invite you to play with the all-new DooID interface.
2. Save your favorites and contacts under “my people”. Up-to-date contact info of your friends and clients always at hand.
3. Design your personal DooID & experience our new interface including real-time preview. All on one page. Your customized virtual business card that’s fun & fast.
4. DooID search – look for users with interests relevant to you, or be found by others.
5. More than twenty high-quality fonts available for your DooID Headline. All fonts scalable in size.
6. Extensive style & color library that can be combined with any layout. Endless design possibilities for your personal Virtual Business Card.
7. Customize all colors of your DooID with our new color palette.
8. DooID Quickshare. A sharing tool for instant connection to your networks and email programs. Promote yourself!

If you already have a DooID account and would want to try out the public beta 2.0 version, all you need to do is log in to your DooID account and you’ll be given an option to go to the classic version or proceed to try out the version 2.0 public beta.

I really like the look and feel of the new user interface which is a nice upgrade from the previous UI. I also like the new set of features which lets me customize the style and layout of my DooID virtual business card. I haven’t fixed my DooID vcard but when I have time, I’ll work on it and customize it like what I did to my Twitter account.

DooID is free but if you want extra features, options, and addons, you can purchase a monthly or yearly Pro membership.

DooID Packages
DooID Packages

Check out DooID and create a free, custom virtual business card today!

Anyone here using DooID for their virtual business cards? Have you tried the version 2.0 public beta of DooID? Which new features do you like best? What other features or options would like to see added to DooID? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. @Joie – Yeah, you should try it out. Anyways, you have nothing to lose since its free. Once you’ve created your vcard with DooID, you can share and post the URL on your social network profiles or as an email signature.

    Btw, if you’re done creating your DooID vcard make sure you add me up as a contact –

  2. @Aaron – It surely is especially if you have an online business or your work involves the Internet. It’s easy to create and customize plus its FREE!

    You mean, create a template and print it as a regular business card to hand out to people? I think that’s an awesome idea. I’m gonna tell the developer about it. Thanks! :D

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