It Takes Two to Pando

pando beta

Pando Beta is a cool app that lets you send any sized file or folder to your family and friends.

Pando is currently conducting a closed beta testing program. However, we are accepting new beta testers at this time. Please keep in mind, this is an early beta, and there may be a few small bumps in the road. We ask only one thing of you: please enter your email address below so that we can send you a survey about your experience with Pando. That’s it. Your email will not be used for anything else, as promised in our privacy policy.

Because it is still a Beta version, it has a limit of 1GB per email. You and your friend will both have to install Pando in order to share files. Then you have to provide an existing email account. You can select files by using the interface or you can simply drag-and-drop files or folders to the program window. Afterwards, Pando will use the email account to send your friend a link of that file that you’re sending and your friend will use Pando to download the file.

I’ve downloaded and installed it already but I still have to try it and share a file with a friend. After I tried it then I’ll post my feedbacks about the product. Btw, what makes this program good is that it’s FREE!

You can download Pando Beta from their official website.

Anyone else tried or planning to try Pando? What are other ways can a service/product like Pando be used for aside from sending files to family and friends? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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