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Good news WordPress fans, DevPress is here! It’s a new site where you can get beautiful WordPress themes, functional plugins and useful WordPress tutorials. Launched yesterday, DevPress a collaboration of 4 guys who love WordPress, the community and open source.

The DevPress team is made up of Justin Tadlock, Patrick Daly, Ptah Dunbar and Tung Do. Many of you know Justin Tadlock for his free WordPress themes and plugins and also the Theme Hybrid theme club. Patrick Daly is known for developing free Hybrid child themes. Ptah Dunbar is a core contributor of WordPress and a BuddyPress developer. Tung Do aka Small Potato creator and former owner of WPDesigner.

Here’s an excerpt from the DevPress launch blog post:

What you should know about DevPress is we are figuring this whole thing out. We don’t have a business plan or any hard-and-fast rules about the direction this site is headed in. Instead, we have dreams of what DevPress could eventually become, but at the moment, it’s a melting pot of the team’s collaborative effort. Although the direction is still a bit blurry… we do have one primary goal – to produce the best, highest quality, GPL’d, make you say “what?!” kinda products. All in that order.

In short, we’re four guys putting in whatever time we have to build plugins/themes that we think are cool.

Today, we’re just building the foundation and not trying to make a big splash in the WordPress pool. DevPress is easing into the waters because it’s much better for us (and you) that we take our time making quality products rather than trying to push several mediocre products out at once.

To celebrate the launch of DevPress, the team have released a free news/magazine styled parent theme for WordPress called News.

News WordPress Theme
News WordPress Theme

Preview or Download the News WordPress theme

Aside from the News WordPress theme, DevPress has also released several free WordPress plugins:

  • Clean My Archives – a simple, easy-to-use plugin for creating elegant archives pages of your blog posts. It was created to simplify the process that other archives plugins make more complex than needed.
  • Slideshow – a beautifully-designed image slideshow that cycles through image attachments of your blog posts (or any post type) using the jQuery Cycle plugin.
  • Members – a complete user, role, and content management system for sites with multiple users. It’s a powerful membership plugin that grants fine-grain control over your WordPress install.

As a WordPress user and advocate, it’s good to see a group of excellent WordPress developers and designers come together and collaborate to bring quality products to the WordPress community. I’m also happy to see Tung Do “officially” back in the WordPress scene.

DevPress is surely a welcomed addition to the WordPress community. Personally, I’m expecting great things from DevPress and looking forward to what they have in store for WordPress and its community. To the DevPress team, congratulations and we wish you all the best!

[via Theme Lab]

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  1. @Tung Do – You’re most welcome! Glad I could share about DevPress. I know it’s gonna be difficult but I believe you guys can pull it off. You guys already had a good start, now you just have to keep it up. Hehe

    All the best! :D

  2. Hey man, thank you for supporting DevPress. Doing this full time is difficult enough, the four of us are putting in part time to keep DevPress going. We need all the support we can get!

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