DooID – Free Virtual Business Card

DooID - Virtual Business Card

Want to create a virtual business card? Check out DooID. Inspired by Tim van Damme’s micro site, DooID was created by Per Schmitz as a free site/service where you can create your own virtual business card or more commonly known as a vcard. You can create your own design or choose from several ready-made templates. If you’re concerned about privacy, one of the best features of DooID is the “guest password” option that lets the user keep certain information private. With this option, the user can choose who can view the “private” information and give them access through a guest password.

Below are some screenshots of the different sections of the user panel, the finished profile and profile with newscloud.


Startpage Settings
DooID - Virtual Business Card

Profile Settings
DooID - Virtual Business Card

Networks and Links
DooID - Virtual Business Card

DooID - Virtual Business Card

Design & Colors
DooID - Virtual Business Card

Blog Widget
DooID - Virtual Business Card

DooID - Virtual Business Card

Profile with Newscloud
DooID - Virtual Business Card

Creating a virtual business card is easy with DooID. All you need to do is signup (free), get your DooID and fill in your profile details, social network accounts and other information, save it and you’re set. You can share your DooID virtual business card by providing your DooID address found at the startpage. Btw, if you want to keep a certain information private, just tick the checkbox with a lock icon beside it.

Aside from a virtual business card, with DooID you can also create a custom email signature that you can use for your personal or business emails and you can also grab a widget that you can use to display on your blog or website. With a DooID virtual business card, you can promote yourself, your blog or your business easily and effectively. People can download your vcard, get the centralized RSS feed of all the social networks, links listed on your DooID profile and request a guest password to gain access to your “private” information.

If you want to see an actual DooID in action, you can check out my DooID virtual business card. DooID is still in beta so expect a few bugs or glitches but of course you can also expect some improvements and more new features like statistics in the next release.

Create your free virtual business card now with DooID.

What do you guys think of DooID? Do you know or use a different site/service to create your virtual business card?

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  1. @elmot – Like I said in my reply to Jhay’s comment, I don’t think it matters because you use this virtual business card to promote you and your business plus it contains the link to your blog/website so visitors will be referred back to it. But then you can view that in two different ways. For me, the advantage of having this virtual business card outweighs the disadvantage in terms of traffic.

  2. @Sanjeev – Yes it is, plus it has several ready-made templates to choose from and you also get to design your own so it makes it very customizable. That’s something I forgot to mention in the post. I know of other sites that lets you create virtual business cards but DooID is the best one so far. You’re welcome! Glad you liked this. :)

  3. Card created out of this app is really cool and decent. There are lot many ways to create virtual business card, but this one is really different. Thanks for info buddy

  4. @Marq – Yes, the interface is really nice and it is user-friendly. As soon as I logged in, I was able to start creating my DooID business card/profile without having to read any how-to’s or the FAQ. :)

  5. @Jhay – Yeah, you can do something like this on your About page but if you don’t have the design skills you can’t have something as nice as DooID. Besides, this is a virtual business card and you use it for promoting yourself and your company. Plus, DooID has all your networking links, including your blog link so it doesn’t matter if its hosted externally because people will still get referred back to your blog/website. ;)

  6. It’s a neat service, though you could achieve the same effect if you’d put the same information on your blog’s “About” page and retain user traffic instead of directing it somewhere.

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