Shutting Down May 31st shutting down

Popular online music sharing site and music store which was acquired by Apple late last year just announced earlier today that it would be shutting down its services on May 31st. For those who aren’t familiar with the site, is an online music store that allows registered members to purchase mp3s, buy new CDs, purchase “web songs” or upload their own songs and create online playlists which can play full-length songs and can be shared to other Lala members. The site also has a social feature/community where members can leave comments on other member’s pages and participate in the forums.

Although this is an unexpected and unfortunate announcement especially for Lala users, this shouldn’t come as a surprise because does compete with Apple’s music store – iTunes. is no longer accepting new users, existing users on the other hand can still access the site and those who have credits will receive iTunes credits. Apple’s move to shutdown Lala fuels rumors that they will be launching a web-based iTunes store.

Anyone here who’s a registered member of What are your thoughts on Apple shutting down Lala? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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  1. This is how basically large corporate entities do business. They will try to take control over their competitors in any way possible as long as they see you as a threat. Im just curious on how much they spent in order to acquire Lala.. heheheh

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