1. Hi Jaypee,

    I’ll apply this on my email signature! Thanks a lot for sharing this Wise Stamp tool, so love it! :D


  2. @Dragonblogger – You’re welcome Justin! Really? I never had any problems/issues with WiseStamp on Thunderbird. Could be an issue with another plugin? Thanks for the link love! :)

  3. Thank you for writing this article and sharing with me over email, I wrote my own post with my experiences on Thunderbird and ran into some gotchas that are known about the plug-in. My post will go live on Thursday 4/22 and will include props and links back to you my friend.

  4. Hi jaypee.
    As the name suggested, this is totally a very wise signature. It will help people finding all your social profiles in one. Will try this out now. Thank you for sharing this great tools.
    See you around.

  5. @christian – Oh so you’re already using it. That’s cool! Yeah, that’s true. WiseStamp makes it very easy and convenient to insert your social network links and other stuff on your email signatures. A great way to promote them! Not to mention free. ;)

  6. @Joie – You’re most welcome! It is a very useful thing especially if you want to promote your blog and social media/network profiles. What’s also nice is that you can set a different email signature for business or personal emails.

    Yes, please share with us your experience using WiseStamp and let us know whether you like it or not. Maybe you can blog about it too. :D

  7. @Jhay – You’re welcome! I think I started using WiseStamp early this year but I only use it on Thunderbird because it’s what I use to access my Gmail account. I don’t use the webmail version anymore. :P

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