New Macbook Pro with Intel Core i5 and i7 Processors

Macbook Pro with Intel Core i5 and i7 Processors

The Apple Store was down for quite some time yesterday, but I’m sure the customers and Apple fan boys didn’t mind at all because when it came back online it brought along some new hardware – the 15.4″ & 17″ Macbook Pros, which are now powered by Intel Core i5 & i7 processors.

The 13″ Macbook Pro still sports an Intel Core 2 Duo and comes with the NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics card, while the 15.4″ and 17″ models come with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M graphics card and the option of choosing between these processors – Core i5 2.4GHz, Core i5 2.53GHz and Core i7 2.66GHz. All Macbook Pro models now come with 4GB of RAM. For the 15.4″ Macbook Pro, customers also have the option in choosing the type of screen display – Glossy Widescreen Display (1440×900 pixels), Hi-Res Glossy Widescreen Display (1680×1050 pixels) and Hi-Res Antiglare Widescreen Display (1680×1050 pixels).

Aside from the new Intel Core CPUs, the new and reinvigorated Macbook Pros now boast a longer battery life. The 13″ Macbook Pro can last 10 hours on a single charge, while the 15.4″ and 17″ models can last about 8-9 hours on a single charge.

Now for the prices. The 13″ 2.4GHz model costs $1,199, while a 13″ 2.66GHz model costs $1,499. The 15″ 2.4GHz sells for $1,799, the 15″ 2.53GHz for $1,999 and the 15″ 2.66GHz for $2,199. The 17″ model, with 2.53GHz retails at $2,299. (All prices indicated are base prices)

If you’ve been planning on buying a Macbook Pro or have been delaying that purchase, I’m sure you’re happy about this announcement/development. Too bad for those who purchased a Macbook Pro a few days or weeks earlier. I wonder if customers can bring in Macbook Pros they’ve recently purchased and have it exchanged for these new models with the Intel Core i5 and i7 processors?

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  1. So happy I waited for the new MacBook! More powerful, lighter, great graphics, and love the touchpad. However, I don’t like the glossy screen, it makes it really hard to work outdoors in the sunshine. Hopefully they will be changing this soon.

  2. I also read this from Apple. I got a newsletter from them stating the good news about their latest macbook pro. I hope I could buy one soon.

  3. @Archon: I own a 17″ Dell and I tell you what, it’s definitely not fun to carry it around. I’m not sure how heavy a 17″ MacBook Pro is, but I guess, not very light either?

    Thinking of getting a lighter notebook, the 8 hours battery life, slim and light kind. Like Acer’s Timeline series and Dell’s z series. For now, I still can’t afford any of Apple’s notebooks.

  4. @Marty – I agree. This is a very important factor especially for those who travel a lot or are always on the go. I think its not gonna be exactly 10 hours but somewhere between 8-9 hours depending on your usage and settings that you have.

    Btw, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. :D

  5. For me, the big story here (besides the processor bump,) is the greatly extended battery life. If the 10 hour claims are actually true, this really puts MacBooks light years ahead of any other laptop. This will be big for anyone who travels and don’t have ready access to AC power to constantly recharge their batteries.

  6. How I wish I would be able to afford one, the Mac’s simplicity and intel’s latest procies is indeed a solid match. But then the price is really a luxury.. :(

  7. @Archon Digital – That depends on what you’re gonna use it for. If its for work then go for the Macbook, if its for gaming then go for Alienware. If both, then that’s gonna be a difficult choice. Hehe

    Btw, if you’re gonna get a 17″ that’s gonna be a pain to bring along. If its just for use at home then its not an issue.

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