GateKeeper Halberd Review

Remember the GateKeeper Halberd that I recently unpacked? Well, today I’m going to share with you my full review of that device.

If you want to know the basic information like the basic features, how it works and technical specifications, etc. about this product, I recommend that you check out the GateKeeper Halberd Unpacking post.


After unpacking the GateKeeper Halberd, the next thing to do is to set it up. The first thing I did was to download the software or desktop client. In my case, I had to get the Windows version of the single-user software. Installing the GateKeeper desktop client or software is pretty easy and straight forward. It took me less than 5 minutes to install it on my computer.

Once I had the software installed, the next thing to do was to create a New User account or profile. Before I could do that, I had to install the GateKeeper USB proximity Bluetooth sensor (receiver) on my computer.

In terms of installing the USB proximity Bluetooth sensor (receiver), all you need to do is plug it into your computer. Just make sure that you have easy access to it. For my setup, I plugged the sensor on my Anker 4-Port USB portable data hub which is placed below my Dell Inspiron 5490 All-In-One.

GateKeeper Halberd Receiver

In case your desktop computer doesn’t have any USB ports in front or you don’t have a USB hub, you can use the USB extension cable that came together with the GateKeeper Halberd. You can place it underneath your table or on the side of the computer monitor or anywhere, that enables easy access. Aside from the USB cable, they also provide some cable organizers so that you can make your setup neat and organized.

Once the Bluetooth proximity sensor or receiver was installed, I could now proceed to create a new user via the GateKeeper Client that I have installed earlier.

The initial setup including creating a new user is pretty quick and easy as long as you follow the instructions. In my case though, I had a little bit of an issue due to the way I set up the user login. I contacted GateKeeper support via their website and they were able to help me sort it out.

Please take note when creating a new user, after you do Scan Token and the client successfully recognizes the token, the next step (Step 2) will ask you to create a new user GateKeeper User profile.

GateKeeper Halberd New User

Make sure you click on the grey button on the right side that says Choose Logged-in User. If you have multiple user accounts, you can verify which account you’re using by
opening Task Manager and clicking on the Users tab.

I mentioned earlier that I encountered an issue and that was caused by having configured my Microsoft account as my login instead of using the local Windows user account. If you have the same setup, make sure to use the local Windows user account (username & password) to avoid having any problems.

By the way, for my setup, I used the provided key fob as my token. Alternatively, you can download and use the official Gatekeeper Trident Android app as your token not only for the setup but also for locking and unlocking your computer.


GateKeeper Android App
GateKeeper Android App

For a more detailed and step-by-step instruction, check out the article on how to add a new user to GateKeeper.


Now that the GateKeeper Halber has successfully been installed and configured, it can now be used to lock and unlock the computer.

GateKeeper Client Settings

There are several ways or methods that you can select on how to lock or unlock your computer as seen on the image above. To do that, open the GateKeeper desktop client and click on Settings.

The first option you’ll see is the Proximity Lock Method. This option will determine what happens or what you want GateKeeper to do when you walk away from your computer. The options available are Disabled (if you don’t want to use this method), Lock Workstation (locks the computer and displays login screen, ideal for single-user), Disconnect Session (switch user, ideal for multi-user accounts), and Logout.

The second option is the Button Lock Method. This can be activated by pressing on the small button located on the side of the key fob. You can set it up to Lock Workstation, Disconnect Session, and Logout. You can also disable this method if you don’t want to use it.

The third option is the Inactivity Lock Method, which defines what you want GateKeeper to do when the computer detects the user to be inactive for a specified time. You can choose between Seconds or Minutes and you also get the same options: Disable, Lock Workstation, Disconnect Session, and Logout.

The fourth option is the Unlock Method which defines how GateKeeper will unlock the computer for you. The unlock options are Automatic (based on the proximity or signal strength between the key fob and the receiver), Press Enter Key to Login, Touch Login, and GateKeeper with PIN Login.

The recommended and most-secure option is the GateKeeper + PIN combo which works like a secure 2-factor authentication.


Aside from those options, there is also an Advanced Settings section that allows the user to change or customize the following:

  • Token Visibility Timeout*
  • Quick Return Timeout*
  • Force PIN Login Timeout*
  • Windows username/password Login*
  • Require User to Enter Windows Password*
  • Operating System Timeout*
  • Firmware Update
  • Secure Key Exchange*
  • Reset Database to Factory Settings
  • Notifications*

NOTE: All options with the asterisk are only available in the Enterprise (multi-user) version of the software.


Based on my experience using the GateKeeper Halberd, I can say that it’s very easy to install and setup. I know that I had an issue with the Windows username & password but that is an isolated case and I’m pretty sure most users won’t run into that kind of problem.

Personally, since I’m the only one who uses my computer, I have set it up that the Proximity and Button Lock Method to lock the computer, Inactivity Lock Method to 15 minutes, and Touch Login for the Unlock Method.

For the Proximity Lock Method, I’ve set it up so that it automatically locks when the signal quality is below 40% and unlock when it is above 90%.
GateKeeper Halberd Proximity Lock

I tested the Proximity Lock Method by bringing the token with me or asked my sons to take it with them and walking away from my computer. It worked each time and haven’t failed so far. The same goes for locking the computer using the button on the key fob. I tried it at different distances, from being right in front of the computer and being as far as 15-20 feet and it locked instantaneously.

This is not a big issue but I noticed that after I did a cold boot (shutdown or turn off the computer), the GateKeeper login option took about between 2-3 seconds before it showed up. It’s not something to worry about but something I thought I should mention because you might come across it later when you first use GateKeeper Halberd

I really like it and helps me lock and unlock my computer easily. Now I don’t have to type in my password each time I want to login to my computer.

If you’re like me who works from home and you’re the only one using the computer, this device or product may not be a priority. However, I can see the GateKeeper Halberd being very useful in the office setting or anywhere where there are other people that may gain unwanted access to your files and computer.

The GateKeeper Halber not only provides a hassle-free login experience by eliminating the need to type or remember passwords, but it also safeguards your computer from prying eyes and phishing attacks. You don’t have to worry about leaving your computer while being logged in to your account because GateKeeper will automatically lock it the moment you step away.

Another reason to get or use GateKeeper? To increase productivity. How? Statistics show that on average, a user spends between 6-8 hours a year just by typing in their usernames and passwords.

To learn more about the GateKeeper Halberd, and other products such as the GateKeeper Fingerprint, please visit the official GateKeeper website.

What do you guys think of the GateKeeper Halberd? What are the features you like or dislike? Would you consider using this for your personal or office use? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

DISCLAIMER: The product used in this review was provided by GateKeeper but all opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine. This post may contain affiliate links that allow me to earn commissions at no additional cost to you. We are reader-supported so when you buy through the affiliate links, you are also helping or supporting us.

This post may contain affiliate links that allow us to earn commissions at no additional cost to you. We are reader-supported so when you buy through the affiliate links, you are also helping or supporting us. 

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