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Guide To Boosting MacBook Performance

After a while, some people become unhappy with how their MacBook is performing. And there are those who start thinking about spending money on a brand new model. While purchasing another Mac is an option,

apple tv screensaver
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HowTo: Install Apple TV Screensavers on Mac

When the new Apple TV (4th gen) was released a couple months ago, one of the things that caught people’s attention were the awesomely stunning screensavers of aerial footage taken by Apple through some of

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HowTo: Screen Capture with Mac OS X Lion

To replace the defective Lenovo U400, my wife decided to get a different computer instead of having Lenovo ship us a new unit. We ended up purchasing a 13″ Macbook Pro from BestBuy. This being

new macbook pro

New Macbook Pro with Intel Core i5 and i7 Processors

The Apple Store was down for quite some time yesterday, but I’m sure the customers and Apple fan boys didn’t mind at all because when it came back online it brought along some new hardware


iCandy Anyone?

I just realized that these past few days I’ve been blogging a lot about Apple related stuff. First, the iPhone, next was the funny iPhone commercial and then the iPhone ringtone. Although a Macbook Pro