Vantrue Element 3 Dashcam Unboxing

Vantrue Element 3 Dashcam Unboxing

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Today we are going to share with you our unboxing experience of the Vantrue Element 3 Dashcam.

The Element 3 or E3 dashcam is the newest or latest dashcam released by Vantrue. It is the big brother or the upgraded version of the Element 2 dashcam and a much better, powerful version of the Element 1 dashcam that we unboxed last year.

Before anything else, we would like to once again thank our sponsor Vantrue, for sending us the Element 3 Dashcam and for generously including the Circular Polarizer Filter.


  • 3-Channel Super HD Recording – The E3 simultaneously records the front cabin and rear at 1944P+1080P+1080P/30FPS, which provides excellent image quality by capturing every detail, such as road signs and license plates, giving you the best visual experience. Capture details on your fantastic journey all day and night.
  • 360-Degree All Around Protection – It utilizes a 160° front camera, 165° inside the camera, and 160° rear camera to record front, inside, and road back simultaneously, presenting nearly 360 degrees all around full protection for your car.
  • Front Cam: Sony StarVis 5M Sensor + WDR – With the Sony Starvis IMX335 5M image sensor for the front camera, the E3 captures super clear images during day and night. Plus the unique Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology automatically balances exposure and simultaneously, presents near 360 degrees of all-around full protection for your car.
  • Cabin Cam: 4 IR LED Lights – The E3 utilizes 4 infrared LED lights around the cabin camera, which automatically works once it detects low light in the car cabin and presents clear black & white image recordings. This also makes it a perfect dash cam solution for rideshare, Uber, Lyft, or commercial fleet drivers.
  • Rear Camera: HDR – E3’s rear camera comes with HDR (High Dynamic Range) multi-exposure technology, which captures maximum image detail in high-contrast scenes and corrects exposure levels when a subject is too dark or too bright, so the camera can capture the license plate of cars behind clearly even with their headlights on full beams.
  • Wireless Remote Controller – The wireless remote controller has two buttons on the panel, one is to turn on/off voice recording, and the other is to take photos and lock the current video. Mount the controller to a place near your hand and make the control easier and safer.
  • Support up to 512GB microSD card – The Element 3 supports up to 512GB microSD card (should be bought separately), which can include 40 hours of seamless loop recording of all three cameras.
  • Auto Emergency Lock – Triggered by G-Sensor, the dash cam automatically detects a sudden shake/collision and locks the footage to the Event folder to prevent the video from being overwritten.
  • Time Lapse – With Time Lapse on, the camera will automatically take photos at specified intervals and edit them together into a video clip, greatly saving space for your memory card.
  • 24/7 Parking Guard with Low-Light Night Vision – Four parking monitoring modes present 24/7 guard to your car while parking. (The dash cam should be hardwired to use the parking mode, and hardwire kits sold separately).
  • Buffered Motion Detection – In the 5s pre-recording buffered Motion Detection mode, once any motion around the car is detected, all 3 cameras will automatically start recording and will save the video for 5 seconds before and 30 seconds after the event occurs.
  • Collision Detection – This parking mode records video when an impact occurs on the parked car.
  • Low Bitrates Recording – The dash cam will enter parking mode if it doesn’t detect any movement in 5 minutes and will keep recording at 720P 15FPS. The length of each clip will be the same as the loop recording setting.
  • Low Frame Rate Recording – This parking mode allows your dashcam to continuously record at 1FPS (one frame per second). Videos are played back at 30FPS. Each 1-minute Time lapse Parking Mode video covers a real-time period of 30 minutes. Please note: the camera won’t record sound in this mode.
  • GPS Logger – Vantrue Element dash cams are equipped with a dual GPS system module, with which the camera will record your driving route and speed more accurately. You can track your route when play back videos on your phone or computer with the Vantrue Cam App or Vantrue player.
  • Supercapacitor – Element 3’s power system is based on supercapacitors instead of batteries, which guarantees more safety, withstands the most frigid cold and intense heat, and has a longer lifespan than batteries.


  • Camera Type: 3 Channel Front, Inside, Rear
  • Display: 2.45″ IPS – Video: Front, Inside, and Rear: 1944P+1080+1080
  • USB Port: Type-C
  • Battery & Charging: Supercapacitor
  • Connectivity: WiFi & App Control
  • GPS: Built-in
  • Control: Voice-Control & Wireless Remote Control
  • Audio: Built-in Microphone and Speaker
  • Storage: MicroSD 512GB (Max)


  • Element 3 Dashcam Main Cam
  • Element 3 Dashcam Rear Cam
  • GPS Mount
  • Remote Control
  • Crowbar
  • 3-ft USB-C Cable
  • 20-ft USB-C Cable
  • Car Charger w/ USB-C Cable
  • Electrostatic Stickers and Dust-Free Cloth
  • Warning Stickers
  • 3M Adhesive Stickers


Vantrue Element 3 Dashcam
Vantrue Element 3 Dashcam – Main Cam & Rear Cam
Vantrue Element 3 Dashcam (Front)
Vantrue Element 3 Dashcam (Rear)
Vantrue Element 3 Dashcam (Top)
Vantrue Element 3 Dashcam (Bottom)
Vantrue Element 3 Dashcam GPS Mount
Vantrue Element 3 Dashcam Remote Control
Vantrue Element 3 Dashcam USB-C Data Cable
Vantrue Element 3 Dashcam Crowbar
Vantrue Element 3 Dashcam 20-ft USB-C Cable
Vantrue Element 3 Dashcam Car Charger
Vantrue Element 3 Dashcam Electrostatic Stickers & Dust-Free Cloth
Vantrue Element 3 Dashcam Warning Stickers
Vantrue Element 3 Dashcam Package Contents


I’ve only had the Vantrue Element 3 for about a couple of weeks now but I haven’t installed it on my vehicle just yet. I’m still taking some photos and videos that I need to post on social media as well as taking the time to check out all the features and options that the Element 3 Dashcam has to offer.

I will publish a separate post to share my initial impressions and that should go live in like a week or two. If you want to see that, make sure to subscribe via email or follow us on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), or Instagram.

DISCLAIMER: The product used in this review was provided by Vantrue but all opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine. This post may contain affiliate links that allow me to earn commissions at no additional cost to you. We are reader-supported so when you buy through the affiliate links, you are also helping or supporting us.

This post may contain affiliate links that allow us to earn commissions at no additional cost to you. We are reader-supported so when you buy through the affiliate links, you are also helping or supporting us. 

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