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Feedburner is giving away free stickers and buttons. All you have to do is send them a stamped self-adressed envelope or an international reply coupon and send it to their new mailing address:

c/o I Want A FeedBurner Sticker!
20 West Kinzie Street
9th floor
Chicago, IL 60610

FeedBurner has answered some common questions that you may ask:

Can you ship my swag overseas?
We’ll send your sticker to the moon if the postage is correct. But to answer the question, yes. We are able to send stickers overseas and can report several successful exchanges from Italy, Malaysia and Japan. Not a peep yet from Reykjavik, but we’re cautiously optimistic.

What’s the postage for [insert your country here]?
Unfortunately, we don’t scale well, so you’re going to have to figure this one out on your own. A few helpful commenters suggested as a resource for calculating U.S. postage. You can also use this postage rate calculator. The weight of an average FeedBurner sticker package is approximately 0.3 oz, based on a standard-sized envelope. The number of FeedBurner stickers that can fit on the head of a pin is still hotly debated.

Why is this a limited offer?
Supplies are, sadly, limited. Should the public start demanding embroidered beanies or highball cozies en masse, we’ll talk again.

Hurry! Get your FeedBurner swag now. Offer good while supplies last.

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