Things Your Spouse Won’t Understand About Blogging


Are you a full time blogger who’s having a hard time explaining to your spouse what your occupation – blogging is about and how it works? Or you’re having a hard time explaining why you need to spend a lot of your time in front of the computer or mobile device? A blogger friend of mine recently shared his related predicament which reminded me of an article I featured on my Weekend Roundup #59 entitled “5 Things Your Spouse Won’t Understand About Blogging“.

In case you missed it or if you haven’t come across this article yet, I’m sharing with you some points featured in this article.

1. Why you spend so much time blogging

It’s hard to explain why frequently updated content is important or why you need to keep your community apprised of the latest news and products in your niche. Not every spouse understands having to strike while the creative itch is happening or needing to get stuff written down while it’s fresh in your head. Try explaining to someone who doesn’t quite understand that you need to update every day even while on vacation because you don’t want to lose traffic and revenue, or cause your community to go elsewhere for their fix.

2. Blogging is more than typing some words and hitting “publish”

Spouses (spice?) don’t always understand how there’s more to blogging than just typing. We have to analyze traffic, keywords, and more. We have to research advertisers and keep on top of the latest news and trends in our niches. We have to visit other blogs and comment to share community. The truth is, blogging is a full time job even though most bloggers aren’t able to put in a full time effort.

3. Spending time on the social networks is part of blogging

Yes honey, I really AM working when I’m on FaceBook and Twitter. Though I began blogging long before Twitter, it’s been an immense help in growing my blog network. Social networks give me a chance to interact with members of my community, meet others, and find new clients and advertisers. Social networks also put me in touch with other like-minded people with whom I’m launching or discussing new projects.

To read the complete article, check out 5 Things Your Spouse Won’t Understand About Blogging.

Aside from the things pointed out in the article, I think its also important for blogger spouses to understand that “consistency” is a very important aspect of blogging. In order for a blogger to achieve that, he/she must be able to stick to a certain “posting” schedule which is one of the reasons why your spouse is frequently in front of the computer, blogging several times a week.

If your spouse is having a hard time understanding blogging and why you spend so much time on the computer/Internet, I think you should let him/her read this article. Or you can share it with your blogger friends who are in this kind of predicament. I know there some spouses who are very understanding with their bloggger husbands/wives, so this article doesn’t pertain or apply to you. And for those who are still single and not yet married, you can bookmark this for future reference. Hehe

How about you guys, is your spouse having a hard time understanding blogging? What are other aspects of blogging do you have a hard time explaining to your spouse? We’d love to hear your thoughts or experiences.

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  1. I’m not a full time blogger, but hope to be some day. So I spend 9 – 10 hours per day at my “working for the man” job and another 6 hours at night on my blogging. My wife knows why I do it, but she doesn’t understand what it takes. Like one of the 5 things you mentioned above, she thinks you simply type an article here or there and click submit…wrong! It’s just not that easy.

  2. It’s a good thing my girlfriend understands what blogging is and how it’s making me money. Though she’s got a potential for being a good blogger, she’s more into just social networking instead of publishing her thoughts on so many things.

  3. good thing I have a blogger wife who understands and knows what i’m doing. she’s a partner online and offline. helps me in link building and thinking of subjects to post. :D

  4. If I have a partner, I’d be at a loss how to explain why I can leave many comments or conversations on the net when in person I’m more of a listener, hardly emitting a beep except for the times when I’d ask for yet another cup of coffee.

    If I have a partner, I’d be at wit’s end explaining why a mere online friend would send me stuff unless there’s something going on. Why did she send you coffee beans? What’s going on? Why?

    If I have a partner, I’d have hard time explaining why am I so eager to attend blog events to meet practical strangers. And to think I’ve one thousand and one reasons avoiding members of her weird family.

    These are things I suppose my non-blogging partner will have difficulty understanding granting for a moment that I have one.

    Love the graphics! :)

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