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New Feedburner (Beta) Interface

On Monday, Google released a new and experimental interface for its web feed management service – Feedburner. This new interface is the first major (and long overdue) upgrade since Google acquired Feedburner. I’m sure that

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Best WordPress Related Blogs

While I was doing my daily blog surfing and social networking routine, I came across my friend Leland’s tweet regarding the Top 32 Best WordPress Related Blogs based on two popular metrics – Google PageRank

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Blog Updates 03.09

For those of you who are regular readers, you know that I previously published blog updates regularly to keep you guys posted on the changes I’ve made to the blog like the plugins I’ve installed/uninstalled

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WP Theme Review: FREEmium

Here’s one free WordPress theme I’m sure most of you would be interested in. It’s called the FREEmium WP theme and I tell you the name says it all. First its free for everyone to

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Fresh New Theme for JaypeeOnline

If you’re reading this post via your RSS reader or email, then you haven’t seen my new blog theme/layout. When you have time, please do drop by and check out the new look of JaypeeOnline.

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Bidvertiser WordPress Plugin and FeedBurner Solution

Earlier this month Bidvertiser added RSS advertising into their lineup of services and gave Bidvertiser publishers and advertisers another monetizing option. With the success of this new ad avenue, Bidvertiser announced today that they have


Get Your FeedBurner Swag

Feedburner is giving away free stickers and buttons. All you have to do is send them a stamped self-adressed envelope or an international reply coupon and send it to their new mailing address: Google c/o

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HowTo: Exclude Categories from RSS Feeds

A few days ago, I was thinking of excluding the Asides category from my RSS feed since this category is mostly about personal stuff and I also assume that most of the subscribers aren’t interested

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Full versus Partial RSS Feeds

There’s been a long running debate on the use of full or partial feeds. Some bloggers believe that partial feeds is the best type of feed to use while others think the opposite and that

feedburner beta

FeedBurner Down?

UPDATED: 02/04/07 UPDATE: Feedburner is back in business. Pls read Matt Shorbe’s comment below for an explanation on what happened. Earlier, I tried logging in to Feedburner and this is what I got: click image