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For those of you who are regular readers, you know that I previously published blog updates regularly to keep you guys posted on the changes I’ve made to the blog like the plugins I’ve installed/uninstalled or the changes in the layout like adding, removing or moving banners, widgets or other stuff. I haven’t published a blog update for more than year and I think its about time I did another one.

Uninstalled Plugins

  • Firestats – Firestats is a WordPress plugin that keeps track of real time statistics, recent referrers, search engine keywords, recent popular pages and other visitor information. It also displays the country, operating system and browser used by a person who left a coment. I used to love this plugin, but because it uses up too much disk space and increases the size of the WordPress database, I decided to uninstall it and instead use other online services to keep track of my blog statistics and analytics.
  • WP Grins – A plugin that displays emoticons/smileys for readers to use in the comment form. I uninstalled this plugin because it had a conflict with the WMD Editor plugin.
  • WP Post Ratings – Plugin that enables the readers to rate the post. Uninstalled WP Post Ratings because I felt like it doesn’t serve its purpose and it wasn’t really that relevant. Aside from that, I also discovered that there were a few visitors who purposely sabotaged the posts by rating posts low. I don’t know the reason why they did it but WP Post Ratings keeps track of the visitors IP address so I know who did it and what posts they rated.
  • MyAvatars – Plugin that displays a commentators MyBlogLog avatar or Gravatar. Really liked this plugin but decided to get rid of it to minimize the use of plugins and instead use Gravatar which didn’t require a plugin.
  • Lightbox 2 – Javascript that enables viewing of larger images within the same window.. Had a conflict with one of the scripts used by my theme – Fresh News.
  • WP-Polls – Plugin that adds an AJAX poll system to any WordPress blog. I’ve temporarily removed it because I have no use for it right now. I might put it back when I come up with something that I might need your opinion with.

Installed Plugins

  • Simple Blog Stats – Adds shortcodes so you can easily insert and display certain blog stats on your blog posts or pages.
  • Global Translator – Plugin that automatically translates blog posts into 41 different languages using 4 different online translation engines Google Translation Engine, Babelfish Translation Engine, and Promt.
  • Google Syntax Highlighter for WordPress – Plugin makes using the Google Syntax highlighter to highlight code snippets within WordPress simple.
  • UserAgent Spy – Plugin that displays the visitors operating system and web browser in each comment they make. Used this to replace the Firestats plugin feature that displays country, operating sytem and browser.
  • WMD Editor – Adds the WMD Editor to the comment field, to make it easier for visitors to leave comments. You can see it in action above the comment form.
  • WP-Clickmap – Plugin that creates a clickmap (similar to heatmap) that displays the areas where visitors click for each page.

Other Blog Changes

  • Moved FeedBurner to my Google account so JaypeeOnline’s new RSS feed URL is now Please update your RSS readers and aggregators.
  • Added the Twit This Post option after each blog post. If you like any of my posts, please feel free to share it with others on Twitter.
  • Installed the UserVoice feedback widget that lets readers/visitors anonymously give feedback and vote for suggested ideas. Feedback tab found on the left side of the blog.
  • Moved the Previous Post and Next Post links from below the comment form to the section between the post and the comments.

For those of you who are still not aware of the Top Commentator of the Month award/contest, you might be interested to know that each month I’ll be giving away prizes like cash, tshirts and schwag to the person who leaves the most comments each month. Check out the official page to know more about the rules and how to join.

There are some WordPress plugins that I’ve recently installed that I will be writing a review of in the next couple of weeks so if you’re interested and would want to know more about it, make sure to subscribe to my RSS feed so you don’t miss the upcoming WordPress Plugin reviews.

Also, if any of you guys have any comments, ideas or suggestions to make JaypeeOnline better, please don’t hesitate to share it with me via the comments or contact page. If you want to remain anonymous, you can use the feedback tab found on the left side of the blog. Thanks and have a nice day!

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  1. @jan – Hehe..of course the plugins I mentioned here are for WordPress because my blog runs on WordPress! ;)

    Hehe..I’m not sure bout that coz I know Rocky visits this blog once in a while. :P

    Yeah, you’re good coz you have plan B, just in case things dont’ work out as initially planned. Right?

  2. jan_geronimosays:

    I checked the Blog Stats plug in. Well, it's for WP, I found out.

    I just hope our good man in China is not reading this exchange of comments. Getting a little paranoid by the day, Jaypee. But in a good way – I'm still being productive and a picture of coolness in my online interactions…Exactly. My plan B is a punch line, a major tour de force indeed. My friends will be astounded, and yet I can't give them the real story. It's a mystery, something that they cannot Google. lol

  3. @jan – Are you talking about Chiquito the Filipino actor/comedian? LOL I thought you were serious.

    Hehe I know, I read about it in Rocky’s blog and that you won $25 for giving the best feedback. You can always give me your feedback for JaypeeOnline but I can’t pay you for it. ;)

    If its really for you, you’ll still get it even if you already won the $25. Besides, you mentioned that you had a backup plan or plan B, right? :)

  4. jan_geronimosays:

    Yeah, thanks to Chiquito I’ve learned conversational German. French? I know “merde,” – if this is French, and it’s the only word I know, I still think I’m ahead.

    I think I’d stay away from giving feedback for a while. The last time I gave a feedback, I won $25. Imagine that – I run off the mouth spouting some non sense, and I was rewarded for it.

    I’m talking about Rocky’s post, soliciting suggestion for his blog makeover. Scribbled a few suggestions and I won.

    Now, I’m seriously thinking I might have jeopardized my chances of winning the more substantial contest in Rocky’s blog. My luck might not hold. Perhaps it might not look good – me on a winning roll, should this happen.

    Well, I should learn to let go and not to obsess too much about it. Glad you’re back, Jaypee.

  5. @jan – Haha..I didn’t know that you were versed in French and German. :D

    Yeah, that’s what the feedback tab is for. I hope you guys would use it to send and give feedback or suggestions. :)

  6. I particularly love that you’ve put in Global Translator Plug In. Now I can try composing my thoughts in French or German – whatever suits my mood at the moment – just so I can maintain fluency in these languages. The bright note to all this is your other readers will not dismiss me as another stuffy smarty pants.


    And that feedback tab on the left of the screen – so that’s what it’s for. I thought it was for spying on us poor commenters and lurkers of the blog. Good to know. :)

  7. @loy – Firestats didn’t immediately occupy that much space but I noticed that as time passed by, the size it occupied was getting bigger and I figured its gonna occupy a lot of space in the future thats why I decided to get rid of it.

    Oh yeah, the live (visitor spy) traffic feature uses up some of the servers resources because it tracks live traffic and updates the page every few minutes.

    One thing I miss about using Firestats is having the flag, browser and OS icons on comments. :)

  8. I’m using Firestats on a 50GB shared hosting account. How much disk space did your Firestats installation use up? I might uninstall Firestats too if I think that it uses up too much server resources. Do you think Google Analytics is perfect for the job?

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