FeedBurner Down?

UPDATED: 02/04/07

Feedburner is back in business. Pls read Matt Shorbe’s comment below for an explanation on what happened.

Earlier, I tried logging in to Feedburner and this is what I got:

FeedBurner Down?
click image to view a larger screenshot.

I also noticed that before I tried logging in, my Feedburner reader count was 42. Then after I tried logging in, it showed only 31. Something is definitely wrong. Last time, my feed subsribers also dropped from 62 to 28 because of the Rojo bug.

Am I the only one experiencing this logging problems or is everyone else subscribed to FeedBurner having the same problem? Some parts of the site like the Support Forum and FeedBurner Blog works fine though.

Btw, this happened today Feb 3rd around 11 pm US Pacific time. So maybe by the time you read this everything is back to normal.

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  1. I also read somewhere that blogspot and blogger were also down, but i guess its fixed now.. ahh, weekends and many things were down :)

  2. Hi matt,

    The reason why I posted about this is because this is the first time that I've experienced this problem and that it took several hours before I was able to login.

    Thank you for taking time to drop by and take time to shed light into the matter. :)

  3. Hey there,

    That error you've seen is one that only occasionally appears in production; one of our application servers didn't quite come back properly from a recent minor code update. That server has since been given a kick in the pants and the error shouldn't recur. Please note that feed availability, and feed statistics tracking, should not have been affected at any time, and our general availability to the outside world has been high:


    Thanks for posting about what you noticed; we'll keep working to ensure the reliability you expect from an always-on service like ours.

  4. @K – I just noticed it Saturday night when I tried to login. Friday, my feed subscribers even increased by a couple. Btw, still can't login to Feedburner.

    @jhay – Have you tried logging in? I still can't login to it, still shows that Apache Tomcat error page.

    Yeah, I couldn't access your site earlier. It's good that it's back online now. :)

  5. I guess it was down on the weekend. My latest post was not receiving feeds & "clicks" even if they are not many, I noticed it since Friday evening. I think the Vista is taking in control with this sudden problem. Coincidence?

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