Blog Updates Dec 2005


New Year to everybody! Especially to those who regularly visit my blog. Thank you so much for spending time to read and comment on my posts. It makes it really worthwhile to blog when people read and appreciate what you do. I hope that all of you would have a wonderful year ahead of you. Thank you and God bless!


To start the year right, I’ve done something that I should have done a few months back. I’ve installed WordPress Database Backup and have made a backup of all my files. My blog disaster should have been avoided had I done this earlier. Oh well, I learned from that experience anyway.

I also updated the WP-Shortstat plugin. If you haven’t noticed I’ve also put something on my About page. I will be adding one or two more pages and one of them will be a Wishlist page. Hehe

Ohh, I almost forgot! Here are some gifts from bloggers RoseJays, and Sarah. Thanks, guys! Sorry, I don’t have any badges for you.

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