February Top Commentators

Top Commentators

For those of you who aren’t aware of it, I started the Top Commentator of the Month contest/award here on JaypeeOnline last month. I didn’t officially announce it so only a few people were aware of it. Anyways, last month was different as more people knew about it and it was quite successful as more people joined in the discussions and commented on posts. But there were two people who were very determined in becoming the Top Commentator of the Month – jan and elmot. It was a very close competition between those two and in the end, only one got the honor as the top commentator.

The top commentator for the month of February:

jan – 53 comments

jan will be receiving $15 via PayPal, some WordPress schwag pencil, pin, stickers and temporary tattoo and a WordCamp Las Vegas or WordPress tshirt. Please send me your PayPal email address and also mailing address so I can send you the stuff ASAP. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can click here to create a new account.

Here are the rest of the top commentators for the month of February:

elmot – 45 comments

loy – 25 comments

jhay – 12 comments

Gem – 11 comments

fruity – 10 comments

Raju – 9 comments

K – 6 comments

Ambo – 5 comments

Solo – 5 comments

I’d also like to extend my thanks to the rest of the top commentators for participating and joining the discussion here at JaypeeOnline. I appreciate and value all your ideas, questions and comments that you share. As I mentioned last time, I’ll keep this Top Commentator award thing as long as I can. For sure, next month’s top commentator will receive the same prizes – $15 via PayPal, some WordPress schwag pencil, pin, stickers and temporary tattoo and a WordCamp Las Vegas or WordPress tshirt. So if you wanna win those stuff, you better start joining the discussions and leave your comments.

Btw, if you’re interested in joining and becoming the Top Commentator of the Month, please make sure you read the Top Commentator of the Month page for Rules and other stuff regarding the TCOTM award.

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  1. jan_geronimosays:

    @gem: It’s not hard, Gem. Just close the gap between you two. Do that and anything can happen. Still a long way to go. hahaha.

    When I set my mind to winning that WP shirt I did everything in my power. Everything really. Used a little deviousness. Guess you can’t use psy war now – Elmot I think had wised up to trusting press releases. But there’s the old kitchen sink – you can always throw that one for good measure.

    Give it a mighty try. So this becomes exciting as well. For you, Elmot and any dark horse raring to pull a surprise. Good luck to you both. :)

  2. @Gem – You got that right! Not only was it tiring and time-consuming to approve all those comments but it was more exhausting replying to each comment. Hehe but its all good. I love that these readers are taking the time to share their thoughts and discuss stuff with me and the other commentators, although I know they’re basically doing it for the prize. LOL :D

  3. @Gem – He’s really determined to win it, especially after what happened in February. If you wanna beat him, you’ll have to work as hard or harder than him. :D

  4. And @Jaypee must have had a hard time approving all the whooping 45 comments. Napagod siguro ang kamay at na-worn-out na ang mouse niya.

  5. @roy: You sounded skeptical, Roy. hahaha. I had to make a good showing because I bragged about winning that prized t-shirt. Don’t want to lose face. But of course you’re just teasing me, I know. Thank you.

    @raju: :) Thanks. I worked my butt off not to be spammy. Somebody famous (forgot who) in blogging said we had better take care of our littlest actions online. Even comments, especially comments, because these are little representations of ourselves. They are practically our resume. And this I always bear in mind.

  6. @K – Probably coz you were busy with other stuff. Hehe Anyways, if you want to win all those goodies, especially the WordPress tshirt you better start commenting now and expect some fierce competition. :D

  7. Shoot, why didn’t I know this? Not fair! hahaha.

    That’s a good way to encourage people by leaving comments (and reading the entry as well) in jaypeeonline site.

  8. @Raju – Thanks so much for the compliments! I owe all of this to you guys, for without regular readers/commentators like yourself, this blog won’t be where it is right now. :)

  9. @loy: Yup, it was a close race and a crazy one. I meant I really became unhinged on this one. Hahaha.

    Now, let me get some alone time so I can make a proper thank you “speech” to Jaypee, to you Loy and the lovely and lively bunch of people in Jaypee’s community.

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