JaypeeOnline Anniversary Giveaway 2020

JaypeeOnline Anniversary Giveaway

UPDATE: The names of the winners have been posted here. Thank you to all our sponsors and those who participated. Today marks the 14th year anniversary of my domain jaypeeonline.net. Yes, I’ve been blogging that

Otaku Fantasy

The Challenges Of Managing An Otaku Blog

When we’re passionate about our hobbies, and there are so many things we want to share with audiences who have the same interests, creating a blog seems like a satisfying activity. It’s where your restless


12 Surefire Ways to Skyrocket Reader Engagement

Sometimes you spend hours researching, writing, and publishing a blog post, but still, it falls flat and doesn’t perform as you expected. This probably happens because you don’t know how to engage your readers’ brains

theme reboot 2013

JaypeeOnline Theme Reboot 2013

If you’ve visited JaypeeOnline the past couple of weeks, then you already know or have seen that it’s sporting a new theme & layout. If you’ve only been reading the RSS feeds or Email subscription

blog updates

Lack of Updates

I apologize for the lack of updates. I’ve been really busy the past few days as I and my family was moving out of our apartment. It’s so hard because it’s just me and my

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WordPress WordPress Plugins

Shortstat on WordPress 2.0.1

I just recently found out that an upgrade to WordPress 2.0.1 messes up the WP-ShortStat plugin. At first, I was wondering why my stats weren’t changing after 1 day, I still had the same stats.

blog problems

Blog Problems – Solved!

I don’t know exactly what’s causing my blog to behave weirdly. Earlier today, I published an entry about the Biggest PC Myths and after I published it, my theme went nuts. The lines below the