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wordpress 2.1

UPDATED: 1/25/07

Upgrading to WordPress 2.1 wasn’t that difficult as I thought it would be. After talking to Abe of Yugatech, and how he upgraded to WordPress 2.1, I was convinced that I could do it and that I didn’t have to wait that long to upgrade.

In my earlier post, I mentioned about plugin compatibility. It turns out that it isn’t that much of a problem. Alex King also mentioned about this in his recent post. I just had to upgrade a few of the plugins that I was using and some of the plugins that weren’t even in the list of compatible plugins didn’t even needed to be upgraded.

Here’s a list of the plugins that I updated:

1. flickrRss
2. WP-Useronline
3. Feedburner plugin
4. Get Recent comments
5. the-excerpt-reloaded
6. WP Database Backup
7. WP-DB Manager
8. Sideblog WordPress plugin
9. Subscribe to Comments

Note: when updating the flickrRss & WP-Useronline plugins, activate them when you already upgraded to WordPress 2.1

For those using Akismet, check your plugin version and upgrade it to version 2.0. I also updated my Tiger Style Admin plugin to v 3.0.

So before you upgrade to WordPress 2.1, you need to do three things:
1. Check your plugins and update them.
2. Check that your webhost’s is running a MySQL 4.0+ version.
3. Backup your files.

You can read more detailed instructions about upgrading to WordPress 2.1 and plugin compatibility from articles by Lorelle VanFossen and Maria Langer.

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  1. @Nina – What version of WP are you using? If you're running 2.0.7, you don't really have to upgrade to 2.1 right away. Check out the WordPress official blog for more details regarding WordPress 2.1 :)

  2. @jhay – Thanks! I'm glad I was able to talk to Abe yesterday about upgrading and that I didn't wait that long. Good luck with the upgrade! :)

    @Jam – You're welcome! Don't let the plugin compatibiliy issue bother you. I use A LOT of plugins, but when I checked, updated and upgraded, that issue didn't bother me at all. There are several plugins not listed in the list of compatible plugins that works in their current version. :)

  3. Thanks for three tips. I am thinking of upgrading my installation but the plugin incompatibility issue is keep me from doing it. I am using numerous plugins, and most of these are not working yet with 2.1.

  4. Congratulations on the upgrade. Nearly all my plugins are now up to date. Just have to find some spare time to do the upgrade and pray that Globelines broadband won't be crappy by then.

  5. @kates – Yup, I've updated the plugins first before I upgraded to WordPress 2.1. Everything seems to working well with my Sideblog. I saw the comments left by some people in your blog about having problems with Sideblog after the upgrade. :D

    @deuts – Upgrading to 2.1 is easier than you think. Just make sure you follow the steps I mentioned above. Btw, thanks for letting me know about the errors. I hope the problem's fixed now. :)

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