iCandy Anyone?

I just realized that these past few days I’ve been blogging a lot about Apple related stuff. First, the iPhone, next was the funny iPhone commercial and then the iPhone ringtone. Although a Macbook Pro is in my wishlist, I am not a Mac or Apple fanatic.

Anyways on with the story. This is about a guy who works for a local pet food plant in Australia. This food plant is a sister company of Mars, the same company who makes Mars & Snickers chocolate bars and the popular M&M’s chocolate. One of the perks of working there is buying the food products that didn’t pass quality control. Stuff that aren’t resalable to the public but are still safe for consumption.

So this guy buys a box full of chocolates that included several packs of M&M’s. Guess what he found? In each bag there were three or four M&Ms with the Apple logo stamped on them.


iCandy closeup
A closeup of the Apple logo stamped M&M candy.

It’s clear that the Apple logos stamped on these candies were not done by mistake. It must be part of a secret campaign for the Apple & Mars companies.

Next time I buy a pack of M&M’s I’ll be on the lookout for this. Some of it could’ve actually passed quality control and are out in the wild. Hehe

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