WP Theme Review: Dark Black

UPDATE: 02/04/08
You can now download the Dark Black theme from my Downloads page via zip file. I still don’t have the customization kit but I’ll upload it right away as soon as I get it.

UPDATE: 08/05/07
I found out from Nemo’s comment that OneMoreRevision can’t be accessed at this time. If anyone wants to have this theme, just leave a comment with your email address and I’ll send the zip file to your inbox.

Dark Black is a beautiful theme scheme created by OneMoreRevision for the popular Dark theme by Bartelme. Dark Black works exactly as the original theme and the only difference is the color scheme.

The Dark Black theme has been tested on WordPress 2.1.3 and browsers like Firefox, Safari, IE 6 & 7. It’s been validated as XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.0 compliant and supports the following WordPress plugins:

  • flickrRSS
  • Gravatar
  • Ultimate Tag Warrior
  • WP-PageNavi

You can also download the Dark Black customization kit to create a personalized logo. Right now, the kit doesn’t include instructions so you’ll have to figure it out yourself.

WP Theme Dark Black

My Take:
The Dark Black is a beautiful “dark” WordPress theme. If you love dark themes, you’ll definitely love this one and I’m pretty sure you’ll be downloading it soon afterwards. Personally, I like it more than the original theme. I think the color scheme suits the design better. The author, Brad Bowen did a really good job with this theme.

When I first saw this theme, I was tempted to use it here on JaypeeOnline but changed my mind because I know some readers might have a hard time reading my posts with the dark background. IMO, this theme would be fine for personal blogs or photoblogs but not for blogs that have lengthy or wordy posts.

The only drawback that I can see for this theme is that it isn’t widget-ready. Although it might not be long before someone decides to make this theme widget-ready. So for those who use widgets, you’ll just have to wait. I give this theme a 4.5 out of 5.

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  1. @Maik – Yes, this is one of my all-time favorite themes. However, I couldn’t use it here on my blog cause the dark background can make it difficult for some readers to read the posts.

    Thanks for the comment and for dropping by Maik! :)

  2. hi there. i also searched for this theme and like the others commenters before me – the website is down and downloading is impossible.

    if its okay for you pls send me a copy too, hope you dont mind that we all waiting for your emails :)

    the easiest way and fastest of course is, to offer the theme directly in this post. i found you via google search engine.

    thx in advance

  3. @Sambhav – Thanks for the suggestion! Actually, I already had plans of doing it a long time ago, it’s just that I don’t have the time to finish it. Anyways, the theme is now available in my Downloads page. :)

  4. Jaypee,

    Could you please mail me the Dark Black theme and the customization kit(when you get it)?

    A suggestion: Why not upload the zip somewhere and give a link to it in the post. It would save you the trouble of sending out the files to so many people.

  5. @denice – Sorry but I don’t have the custom kit file here in my laptop. I have it in another computer which I left back in the East coast. I’ll send it to you as soon as I get it, ok? :)

  6. @Giode – I’m sorry but this theme is not widget-ready so you can’t use widgets. You’ll have to wait for someone to do it or ask someone to make it widget-ready for you. You’re welcome! :)

  7. @Hanna – Thanks for the compliment! I’ve sent a copy of the Dark Black theme to your email, please check if you receive the attached zip file. Sorry, I still couldn’t find the Orange mod. You’re welcome! :D

  8. Hey buddy, love the site. I’d be much obliged if you could send me a copy of this theme too. I was going to make my own mod of the dark theme, but now I don’t have to! Thanks in advance.

    Ps. If you also have the orange mod to this theme, I’d be super pleased if you’d pass that along too.

  9. Could you please send me the download for dark_black and the orange if you have it along with the customisation kit.

    I sincerely appreciate it.

    Kind thanks in advance.

  10. @wolfius – Hehe I know. I only did a review but didn’t expect to be sending out the theme to interested users. I think I also downloaded the Dark Orange but I’m not sure where I kept it. I’ll try to look for it and let you know. Thanks for dropping by! :)

  11. haha it seems that a lot of people is going to ask you for a copy of this theme from now on.. :P I donwloaded the dark black a while ago and still have it but I want to check it out the dark orange… do you have that one too?

  12. @Katzel – The one I have is version 1.3 and I think that’s the latest version released before the author’s site become inaccessible. I just sent you a copy. You’re welcome and glad to know you liked the review. :)

  13. @Seb – Yeah, don’t know what happened to the author’s website. It seems that he just disappeared into thin air. Btw, your other comment had your email address so I had to delete it. A word of advice, next time you leave a comment, never post your email address.

    I’ve sent you a copy of the theme so please check your inbox and let me know if you receive it. Enjoy! :)

  14. @MaryJane – Glad to know that you got it. You’re welcome! :)

    I’ve seen that blog before and I believe he redesigned the theme but kept the credits at the bottom of the theme. He is taking credit for the CSS and customization of the theme’s design and not the theme itself so it’s okay. :)

  15. Browsing the internet and i ran across this theme done in another color. You can see it here:

    Unsure whether this guy is taking credit for the design. He left the original links in the footer but changed the way its worded. Apparently he got showcased for “his new design”. Nice colors though.

  16. Havent seen the theme arrive, might have got lost in the ether :) Can you resend or perhaps post it somewhere people can d/l it from ;)

  17. Hi Jaypee,

    Boy I’d be happy if ya could email me the dark black zip buddy! I was gutted when I couldn’t get into his site:(

    Thanks man!

  18. @Nemo – I’ll send you the file as soon as I find them. I’m sure I have the Dark Black but I’m not sure if I have the Dark Orange. Anyways, I’ll send you whatever I have, okay? :)

  19. Not at all Jaypee.

    So, could u send me the Dark Black Theme and, if you have it, also the Dark Orange Theme from the same author?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: if I know something about OneMoreRevision, I’ll tell u.

  20. @Nemo – Thanks for telling me about it. I didn’t know that his site was down until I read your comment. I tried accessing it and got the same authentication window like you.

    I really don’t know what happened to the site. It is strange. Let me know if you find out what happened. In the mean time, I’ll update this post and offer to send this theme to anyone who would like to have it.

    Again, thanks for the info. :)

  21. Hi,

    I get an Apache Authentication Window clicking on the link to download Dark Black. The same happen whenever I attempt to access to ‘onemorevision’ domain.

    Do you know what’s happened? Your post is not so old, just 18 days ago. It’s strange.

  22. @K – Hehe..you should be and that should change your mind to have your own paid hosting. :D

    Yeah, I removed the bottom bar after giving it some thought. Your suggestion helped, so thanks!

    Btw, I think the text is fine but I did add the comment avatars. I’ve been meaning to do it but was too lazy then you mentioned about it so I went ahead and did it. :D

  23. This is one of the things I easily get jealous of… new THEMES in 4 columns huh?

    You’re right, text can be too painful to read on black background. I’d still prefer the whtite over black text, besides it blends well with your textads.

    I noticed, no more bottom archives. Looks neat.

  24. @Karlo – Tricks of the trade. Hehe ;)

    You have paid hosting right? If you do, you can install WordPress and create a blog as your sandbox to test themes and plugins.

    Thanks for adding me up!

  25. Wow! Where do you get these cool stuffs? Hahaha. Nice one.

    How I wish I have another blog on WordPress, so that I could play around with these themes. Sigh.

    BTW, already added you up to my blogroll!

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