In the past, the thought of selling premium WordPress themes was unheard of and seemed unfeasible because of the availability of many free public WordPress themes. Late last year, Brian Gardner changed it all when he released his Revolution WordPress theme and with that, started the whole WordPress premium theme revolution.

Yesterday, Brian announced the release of his latest project called the Revolution Pro Media Theme. If you loved the original Revolution theme, I’m sure you’ll also love this theme or even more.

Some features of the Pro Media theme include:

  • Featured homepage tabber area
  • Featured photos from Flickr
  • Featured YouTube video
  • Other featured areas using custom fields
  • Google AdSense integration in between posts and comments
  • Section, Archive, Blog page templates


Revolution Pro Media Theme Homepage

Blog Page
Revolution Pro Media Theme Single Page

Options Page
Revolution Pro Media Theme Options Page

The Revolution Pro Media Theme is available in two packages: the single use package which is available for $79.95 while the multiple use package is available for $199.95. Any theme or package purchase includes a lifetime access to any upgrades made to these themes.

For a limited time only, Brian is offering the the Revolution All-Inclusive theme package for just $299.95 and will be available until midnight (CST) Thursday, February 14th.

Preview or Purchase the Revolution Pro Media Theme for WordPress

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  • JP Habaradas, February 14, 2008 @ 8:15 AM Reply

    @Blogoloco – I see, that would be cool. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Btw, what CMS do you use for the social networking site?

  • Blogoloco Mag, February 14, 2008 @ 8:12 AM Reply

    In my blog. The main site is a Filipino Social Networking site

    Blogoloco Mag’s last blog post..Ramiele Malubay is included in American Idol 2008 Semi Finalists

  • JP Habaradas, February 13, 2008 @ 3:35 AM Reply

    @Blogoloco – Cool! So where will you use the premium theme for? The Pinoy United site or for your blog?

    I’m not Chinese but anyways, Kung Hei Fat Choi! :D

  • Blogoloco Mag, February 13, 2008 @ 3:32 AM Reply

    Looks fab actually. I will most likely get one of the premium theme in the very near future. In the meantime, I’ll have to put up with the freebie.

    Kung Hei Fat Choi na rin pala tol.

    Blogoloco Mag’s last blog post..Ramiele Malubay sings Hollywood Style on American Idol 7

  • JP Habaradas, February 12, 2008 @ 9:30 PM Reply

    @trench – Cool! I’m sure it’s a big amount of money. ;)

    Those are very nice themes too. It all comes down to your preference, the type of look you want for your blog and also the type of content you’ll want to display on your blog. Good luck on choosing a premium theme! Let me know when you’ve changed your theme, ok?

  • trench, February 12, 2008 @ 9:26 PM Reply

    I'm actually in search of a PAID THEME since Google sent me a nice sum last month. This was one of the themes I looked into.

    This Gazzette theme: and
    Kineda theme:

    are two others Im interested in as well, although the costs for Brian's theme is almost $20.00 less.

    <em>trench's last blog post..Kobe issues a challenge to Bynum</em>

  • JP Habaradas, February 12, 2008 @ 3:40 PM Reply

    @jhay – Yeah, it’s a more improved Revolution theme. Very good observation! I also noticed that but never bothered to ask him. I think I’ll go ahead and ask him myself. :D

  • jhay, February 12, 2008 @ 3:39 PM Reply

    It’s a wonderful theme. But is it just me or Brian doesn’t favor the 125×125 ad format? :wink:

    jhay’s last blog post..From Jun Lozada: What is Neri afraid to say and why?

  • JP Habaradas, February 12, 2008 @ 3:35 PM Reply

    @Joie – Hehe it’s okay to dream. Just watch out for my upcoming contest, the Revolution Pro Media theme might be one of the prizes. ;)

  • JP Habaradas, February 12, 2008 @ 2:00 PM Reply

    @Pinay – I know how it feels. I was also like that before but the time came when I decided that I really need a nice looking theme that is not too common. A custom theme costs an arm and a leg so I ended up buying a premium theme. :D

  • Joie, February 12, 2008 @ 3:31 PM Reply

    That’s my dream media theme. But until now its still a dream..By the way.. Thanks for reviewing this theme it keeps me dreaming..:)

    Joie’s last blog post..Creative ZEN VISION: M

  • PinayInTheUS, February 12, 2008 @ 1:58 PM Reply

    i like it a lot. but i dont know if i wanna spend $80 for a theme :sad:
    i know, im cheap :mrgreen:

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