12 One Page Business WordPress Themes That Are Perfect For Beginners

These days, it’s important to run a professional website in case you would like to develop your deal. The thing is that it doesn’t matter which business niche you work with. In fact, in 2019, any company and any startup need a beautiful, well-running, and customer-friendly website. How can you get it?

There’s no secret, now, you don’t need to work with code source to manage a worthy website. There are lots of attention-grabbing website templates to choose from. The variety is so rich that you can literally do anything you want with the design of your website. And there are no special skills or any other knowledge needed. You don’t need to have website building experience to set up your business page.

So, how to choose your one and only template? As the name of the post promises, today, we are about to review 12 one page WordPress themes with trendy designs. These products are perfect for beginners. So, in case you dream of a stunning business site and have no idea what you should start with, here is your must-see.

How To Choose Your Perfect One Page WordPress Theme?

First things first, let’s name the most vital aspects of any online project. If you want your business site to become a go-to place, it should be extremely user-friendly. So, here is what you need.

  • Firstly, a mobile-friendly design will help you to enlarge customer list. It will let your prospects forget about the place limits.
  • Secondly, you do need Search Engine Optimization to promote your site.
  • Thirdly, you should create visitor-friendly navigation to let people quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

According to Mohamed Saad, a successful website does three things:

  • It attracts the right kinds of visitors.
  • Guides them to the main services or product you offer.
  • Collects Contact details for future ongoing relation.

So, let’s see how you can build a very good website with no coding at all!

La Palette – Creative Minimal Elementor WordPress Theme

La Palette
Details | Demo

Price: $75
Before everything else, La Palette is a creative WordPress theme that comes with minimalist design. To make a long story short, La Palette allows you to create new content and edit it up to your taste without coding. It’s possible thanks to a pre-build drag-and-drop editor – Elementor. In 2019, it is the most popular content editing tool. Why?

Well, here is what you get with Elementor Page Builder:

  • a completely user-friendly interface,
  • lots of pre-designed UI components to work with,
  • drag-and-drop functionality,
  • regular updates,
  • easy and intuitive admin panel,
  • and live preview.

As you can see, Elementor provides its owner with a real WYSIWYG experience. Among the other features of La Palette, we’d like to highlight the mobile-first design. As the name of the technique says, it starts building your online project with its smaller version. As a result, you will launch a mobile site when the desktop version is still in progress.

Insightis – Creative Minimal Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Price: $75
First things first, Insights comes with multiple premium plugins to improve the design of your website. Among all these assets, you will see the JetElements addon. This plugin was meant to bring you even more marvelous options and stylish web design elements. All of them will be available within the Elementor Page Builder. Thanks to the plugin, website creation will be a fast and easy process for you.

Secondly, there is a cool MegaMenu plugin. This addon will help you to create the menus of any complicity. Would you like to add some images or media to your menu? Do you want to divide your content into categories and subcategories? In this case, MegaMenu is your must-have.

In addition, this clean WordPress themes comes with such features as:

  • 100% responsive design, so your site will look awesome on any device,
  • 4 stunning blog layouts to choose from,
  • WP Live Customizer, etc.

Effector- Landing Page Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Price: $75
Effector is a modern landing page WordPress theme that has everything and anything to set up a professional online page. To make a long story short, a mobile-friendly design is one of the must-haves any beginner should know about when searching for a perfect WordPress theme. In 2019, mobile phones cover more than half of world traffic. That’s why your website should be 100% mobile-friendly.

All in all, people got used to comfort. They prefer to find the needed info online when they have time. Nobody whats to waste their day off on that. Modern clients use their phones to find the needed services when they have a working break or when they are stuck in traffic. Thus, there’s no need to upset your prospects with such annoying things as the limits of time or place. Thanks to the mobile-first design, your customers will be able to enter the website whenever they want and wherever they are! In addition, all the sections of your site will be available and scrollable from mobiles.

Creatonix – Landing Page Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Price: $75
It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a skilled user, your website should be SEO-friendly. To put it briefly, SEO comes for Search Engines Optimization. So, this is a smart and complicated mechanism that helps Google, Yahoo, and other popular search engines to find your site. By making the project SEO-ready, you’ll further the checking process. As a result, search engines will notice your website among other online projects, and will quickly analyze it.

With it, you can be sure that searchers will identify and like your online child. As a result, you will get better search results which mean there will be many more people to see your website. So, as you can see, here is a proven way for you to stand out from the crowd.

Among the other options Creatonix provides you with, there are:

  • premium plugins,
  • lots of readable and eye-friendly web fonts,
  • Retina-ready design, and more.

Educor – Education Courses Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Price: $75
To begin with, Educor is a bright WP theme that allows you to run an eye-catching business site in a matter of hours. This ace product is a perfect tool for those users who want to set up a website related to education, courses, studying, etc.

Educor comes with some pre-design pages like:

  • home,
  • about,
  • price,
  • program,
  • concept, etc.

On the first hand, the named pages are absolutely ready-made. Therefore, you can simply add your info and that’s it. On the other hand, you can style these pages up to your personal taste or business needs. Every single element is 100% customizable. Just use Elementor to style the website the way you want.

Among the other features of the theme, there are:

  • many high-quality free images that come as a bonus,
  • JetElements plugin,
  • JetBlog plugin – a highly functional plugin for WordPress websites that will empower your future blog at once, etc.

Intelity – IT Courses Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Price: $75
Same to all the themes named above, Intelity comes with eye-pleasing online pages that are absolutely ready-made. Plus, you will get so many cool plugins that are extremely popular among the WordPress audience in 2019. Let’s take a closer look at one of them.

JetTabs is a popular WP asset that allows you to create tabs and accordions in Elementor Page Builder. In a word, using JetTabs, the website owner will always have different voguish accordions and tabs widgets within reach. What else will you get?

  • To start with, thanks to the plugin, you can easily organize website content. There will be various stunning tans.
  • Next, you will be able to make your online project stand out from the crowd with its trendy web design.
  • All the widgets you get are so easy-to-use. They are also easy-to-customize and absolutely creator-friendly!
  • Besides, with JetTabs, you will be able to style vertical accordions that makes the design even more voguish!

MagIT – IT Conference Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Price: $75
Would you like to launch a magnificent website related to IT courses? Because that’s what MagIT was made for! Back to the must-have WordPress plugins, this strikingly-colored business WordPress theme comes with JetBlocks addon. Let’s take a quick look at the plugin!

To make a long story short, JetBlocks is another modern Elementor-oriented plugin. This handy asset was created in order to help website owners to customize their websites. Thanks to the plugin, you can create a really inimitable look without trouble. Obviously, there is no coding required. All in all, JetBlocks is your must-have in case take care of the way your headers and footers look.

Here is what you can see among the features of JetBlocks:

  • hamburger panel,
  • login form,
  • auth links,
  • website logo,
  • registration form,
  • nav menu, and more!

Spellbind – Design Firm Landing Page WP Theme

Details | Demo

Price: $45
Like all today’s products, Spellbind comes with a next-generation drag-and-drop frontend page builder – Elementor. With it, you will get a quick and stress-free website building process. Secondly, Spellbind provides its owner with a brand-new WP Live Customizer. The feature allows you to customize the website with numerous theme options. You will be able to view out all the changes you make to the site in a live mode. There’s no need to reload the page! To sum everything up, thanks to Live Customizer, adjusting the theme’s design is as easy as ABC.

In addition, Spellbind contains Cherry Plugin Wizard. It will save you time and further the working process. Also, don’t forget that the theme has free and friendly tech support. Obviously, it’s available anytime you need it.

Verger – Architecture Company Multipurpose Creative Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Price: $75
Before everything else, when it comes to website building, you should take care of comfort. How to make your site as user-friendly as possible? Well, you should start with a responsive design. This must-have feature will surely improve your relationship with customers. In a word, with it, people are able to view your online project whenever they want. Your website will look great and work professionally in any browser and on any device. There’s no matter which screen size your prospect prefers to use. All the web design elements will automatically be rendered according to it.

Freestyx – Freelancer One Page Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Price: $75
For starters, Freestyx comes with multiple premium Cherry plugins. Among them, we’d like to highlight Cherry Socialize. As you can see, in 2019, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter became a part of our everyday routine. These days, social media is much more than a way to contact your friends or family. That’s why your online project, whatever it is about, should be integrated with all popular social media.

Besides, this hip WP theme for freelancers provides you with amazing visual effects addon – JetTricks. Actually, the plugin is your ready-made decision if you’d like to enrich the website with visual effects. Here are some options the asset provides:

  • Satellite,
  • show more option,
  • Parallax elements,
  • sticky columns for your most important content to be fixed on the screen,
  • Particles,
  • unfolding functionality,
  • Tooltip to make your content clear,
  • hotspots to specify the details of your images, and more!

Monetum – Crypcocurrency Investment Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Price: $75
Firstly, these are the ready-to-use pages Monetum contains:

  • Home Page,
  • How It Works,
  • Token Sale,
  • Checklist,
  • Our Teamship,
  • and FAQ.

Secondly, when working with this charming cryptocurrency WP theme, you can create a neat dropdown menu. To make a long story short, this menu can contain so much information but it still keeps the design of your site minimalist.

Since the theme was made for websites that cover the finance business niche, Monetum comes with trendy cryptocurrency plugins. They will give you access to different useful tools that were made for your type of business. With this attractive finance theme, it will be easy to enlarge your audience and find new customers abroad.
Needless to say, as with all the quality WordPress-based themes, Monetum is easy-to-use. You won’t need any website building experience to work with the product. What is more, the theme is also easy-to-install, so you won’t need to waste your time on this boring process.

Celerony – Creative Splitscreen Elementor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Price: $75
To finish with, let’s view out Celerony – a beautiful and well-featured Elementor WP theme with light design. Choosing this item, you get such ready-made online pages as:

  • Home Page,
  • About,
  • Services,
  • Works,
  • Testimonials,
  • Contacts, etc.

This stylish WP theme comes with another premium plugin – JetMenu. Needless to say, the website menu is one of the most important parts of any online project. Simply because this is the element your prospect uses before everything else when they visit the site. Seeing that, you should take the time to work on your menu.

So, JetMenu is a highly customizable Elementor addon. This plugin will let you add multiple modules right to the menu. You can literally build the menu of your dream with it! For example, the pack contains a vertical MegaMenu feature. It will help you to build the menus of any complicity.

To summarize, you will be able to:

  • divide your items, pages, or services on categories and subcategories,
  • improve SEO results,
  • add images, banners, and other trendy elements right to the website menu.

Final Thoughts

Well, for today, these were all the one page WordPress themes we were going to showcase. As you can see, there is nothing complicated. All the mentioned products are high-quality. They come with ready-made designs, built-in options, stylish features, and much more. Therefore, you don’t need to know a thing about coding in order to run a modern business website. All in all, in 2019, there is no need to spend pay big money on the services of web designers and developers. Nowadays, it’s easy to launch and design your website.

To sum everything up, these are the must-have options you will find in the pack of each mentioned one page WordPress theme:

  • totally responsive design,
  • crossbrowser compatibility,
  • mobile-ready design,
  • premium plugins,
  • comfy navigation,
  • stylish icons,
  • readable web fonts,
  • voguish visual effects,
  • changeable color schemes,
  • quick and simple installation,
  • ready-made online pages,
  • SEO-ready code,
  • Retina-ready design,
  • MegaMenu, and more.

Finally, let us know what are your personal must-haves? Are there any web design components or features you check before everything else when buying a WordPress (or any other) theme?

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