WP Theme Review: Redoable 1.1

I like surfing the web for new themes. Whenever I find a WP theme that I like, I try to test it even though I won’t use it on my blog. One of the themes that I like is Redoable 1.1

Redoable is a 3 column, widget and module ready free WordPress theme created by Dean J. Robinson. Redoable was built using the code of the popular WordPress theme K2 with a lot of modifications making it a totally different theme on it’s own. This theme’s sidebar is widget and module ready with over 20 different available modules to choose from. A default installation would display the calendar, categories, tags, blogroll and listen & watch modules as long as the necessary plugins are installed. You can add more modules or widgets to your liking.

Redoable has a feature called Sidenotes which is based on Matt’s Asides technique used in K2. You can set the category and number of sidenotes that you want to display from the Redoable options panel. Sidenotes are displayed in the homepage. Like in K2, you can setup the Extended Live Archives from the Redoable options pane and an option to add the Archives page. Redoable also supports Alex King’s Articles plugin.

Redoable is compatible for both WordPress 2.0.x and WordPress 2.1 installations.


WP Theme - Redoable 1.1

Supported plugins:

The following plugins are supported by Redoable “out-of-the-box”. Just download them, add them to your plugins folder, activate and your good to go.

  • Alex King’s Articles v1.1
  • Brian’s Latest Comments v1.5.10
  • Extended Live Archives v0.10beta-r18
  • Semiologic’s Google Analytics Plugin v1.9
  • Gregarious v1.5.2 and v2 beta
  • Noteworthy v1.0
  • Random Quotes v1.3
  • Rechuked Buttons v1.0 (Based on Sawchuck Buttons) Not WP2.1 compatible
  • Related Posts v2.04
  • Share This v1.4
  • Ultimate Tag Warrior v3.1415926
  • Ultimate Category Cloud v2.0 (Based on Weighted Categories plugin)
  • Word Count v0.01
  • WP-PostRatings v1.04
  • WP-PostViews v1.1
  • iMP Download Manager v1.2
  • Quoter v1.1
  • Subscribe to Comments v2.0.8
  • Spam Karma 2
  • wp-recent-links v2.0

Known Issues

  • Some people are experiencing a problem where the comments and the permalinks are all referring to the incorrect posts. As yet I have been unable to replicate this problem, and it doesn’t seem to happen on everyones blog. It could be related to the use of different permalink structures, but as yet I don’t have a solution for it.
  • Sidebar overlap issue. This hasn’t been completely fixed but the sidebar will now overlap on top of the footer instead of disappearing behind it when there is only a small amount of page contents.
  • LiveSearch doesn’t seem to work with custom permalinks. This has also been reported by other users of K2 (which Redoable is based on), but as yet no-one has had a good answer.

My Take:

I like this theme inspite of it’s issues. Redoable has a simple and neat layout. It offers a lot of functionality and customization with widgets and it’s ready-to-use modules. Redoable also supports a lot of the commonly used plugins. The color scheme is okay but not appealing to some users. What I want to see is the Redoable theme to be available in a different color scheme or to have the option to change color schemes from the Redoable Options panel.

To know more or to download a copy, visit the Redoable homepage.

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  1. @subcorpus – A lot of people use this theme because aside from it’s design and functionality, it’s widget ready and also has several color schemes to choose from so basically you can customize it anyway you want.

    Just visited your blog. Looks good to me. Thanks for dropping by! :)

  2. It is now included in wp.com presentation – not the entire hack but doh I had problems with images alignments and it’s BLACK. If it were available earlier on, I’d probably take it. But sure, for hosting account, it’s worth a try.

  3. @Dean – You're welcome! I didn't expect you to be here. But it's a pleasant surprise though. :)

    It's good to know about the updates and changes to this great theme. 16 color combinations? That's awesome! Can't wait to see and try the next version of Redoable. Thanks for sharing information and for dropping by! :D

  4. Thanks for the review Jaypee.

    The comments issue has been resolved and a solution is in my support forum for those who are experiencing this problem.

    I've also further developed my dynamic css feature so there will be at least 16 colour combinations to choose from when the next version is released.

  5. @Sarah – Really? Which part of the blog does it happen? The body, sidebar or everywhere? You're good naman with CSS so I'm sure it won't be that difficult for you to fix that issue. :D

  6. lol.. meron ako nitong redoable.. pinalitan ko yung header and footer images.. kaso lang, ang ayoko, nacecenter yung mga images automatically. HAHAHAH! Tinatamad na ako mangalikot ng css kaya ndi ko ginamit! Haha, pero paminsan pinapalit ko. HAHA!

  7. @K – I think you're better off submitting or requesting this theme coz you have your blog there. I don't think they'd consider my request coz I don't even update my WordPress.com account anymore. Hehe :D

  8. @ash – What you can do is setup a sandbox or test blog where you can test new themes or plugins and implement changes. Then once you got it to work the way you want it to, then you can upload it to your main blog. :)

  9. Wala naman kuya Jaypee..

    kasi daming issues baka pag ginamit ko yan, sumakit lang ulo ko eh, pero sige try ko na din, ang ganda e!

  10. @benj – It's a matter of personal preference. Like I said, the color scheme isn't appealing to some users. For my next theme review, I'll try to find a theme that doesn't use the black and red colors. :D

    Yeah, it was down for about half an hour I think. I dunno what happened. I tried to ping it and I got replies. Anyways, thanks for telling me. :)

  11. There's something about it that doesn't work for me. maybe I'm just sick to death with black and red themes because I've used them for so long.

    By the way, your site was down for a significant amount of time a while ago.

  12. @ash – It's that tempting huh? Hehe..Just try it out and see if you like it. If not, then just keep your current theme. :D

    @Grace – Yeah, why don't you try it. You've got nothing to lose. Just see if you like it and if it works fine with your blog's setup or current plugins. :D

  13. @insinto – Not all users have problems with the known issues. Yeah, you can try it out and see for yourself. :)

    @jhay – Yup, this is it! :D

    Thanks for reminding me. I knew I forgot to write something about this theme and it was my opinion. It includes the color scheme. I feel the same way about it. Thanks! :)

    @valerie – It's a nice theme. The issues aren't that major, there are ways you can avoid them and most of it are only remote cases.

    @trench – I didn't see that on April's blog. Same here, I also played with it on my sandbox then it suddenly lost it's appeal. :D

    @Jennifer – Thanks for the compliment! This is my first WP theme review and it's nice to know that people like it. Have fun with this theme! Thanks for dropping by! :)

    @Grace – Baket naman sayang? Pwede mo naman gamitin. Anong pumipigil sayo?

  14. I remember April using a modified version of this theme for a couple months. I toyed with it a bit on my test site, but it never really came to life on my blog.

  15. Wow, so this is your WP theme review post eh?

    Great! I think I should leave this style to you dude. :D

    Anyways, I like the theme but I'd like even more in a different color scheme. Maybe I'll do just that once I get to play with it.

    Keep this up! :D

  16. I like how it looks and its presentation, but i dunno how it will actually do with all those 'issues.' i think, i might as well try it so to get a first-hand account with how it goes.

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