15 Inspiring Landscaping WordPress Themes

Beauty and aesthetics are significant parts of our lives and they attract us everywhere, in any life sphere – from art to household. Each person wants to have not only because inside, but also beautiful from the outside house, that’s why landscaping is so popular.

The history of landscape design traces its roots back to the creation of our civilization. People always took care of their plots and plants. Now, this activity is called landscaping. It has a lot of different names: garden design, landscape architecture, planning or contracting, naturescaping, horticulture, terraforming, etc.

As in any other design-sphere, it is important to share your ideas and experience, supplement and update your portfolio, offer your services and new solutions, and the Internet is a treat. There are plenty of blogs, forums, and projects, where you can communicate with your colleagues, give pieces of advice and discuss different ideas, but if your goal is to be a successful landscapist, the best way is to create your own website using landscaping WordPress themes.

On the Internet, you can easily start blogging, expand the audience, and share the experience. Also, you can put photos of your previous works, create a portfolio, tell about yourself, and leave contacts for communication on your own page. You will have a chance either to start a successful career or to develop your hobby into a profitable occupation.

With the help of modern technologies, you can create your own webpage without any great effort WordPress themes collections . Instead of learning net programming or looking for a professional web-developer, you have the opportunity to use a ready-made template from landscaping WordPress themes list. It will save you time so you could spend it on new ideas and bring them to life.

Your site will be individual and special because an experienced designer-team works on creating unique templates for everybody. They are simple, elegant, and will please every reader or client.

All themes by TemplateMonster are mobile-friendly. That means that your website will look perfect on both PC screens and mobile devices. Besides, these landscaping WordPress themes can quickly adjust to your needs and be customized. They are easy to install – just download and start using. Together with the template you also get detailed instructions and technical support 24/7.

You don’t have to go far – it’s available to everyone, the only thing you need is a computer and access to the Internet. Do not waste your time, start your project with landscaping WordPress themes , take the first step towards success on the Web.

Simple and Elegant Landscaping Design WordPress Theme

This theme is perfect to create an elegant landscaping portfolio or blog. It is bright and simple – a real catch for those, who want to share their ideas and solutions.

Exterior Design WP Theme

Details | Demo

Exterior Design and Gardening WordPress Template

With the help of this template you can keep a blog, create your portfolio and give useful tips for beginners. Also you can give your contact information and show your designs.

landscape design and lawn mowing WordPress theme

Details | Demo

Elegant Naturescaping Studio WordPress Template

Mellowy tints and modern design – these two features make this template special. It can be used to create a design studio or to start a naturescaping project.

Exterior Design Studio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Bright Original Landscaping WordPress Theme

This bright theme will be suitable for any landscaping agency. Here you can offer your design services and give contact data to communicate with clients.

Exterior Design WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Garden or Landscape Planning WordPress Template

Woody background and white colour make this template a classic one. It is ideal for gardeners and landscape designers, who enjoy keeping blogs and sharing their experience.

Garden Design WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Modern Multicolour Exterior Design WordPress Theme

This theme is modern and unusual, bright and multicolour. Here you can place different photos, portfolio information and articles about new inventions.

Exterior Design WP Template

Details | Demo

Terraforming WordPress Template

This terraforming template by TemplateMonster is a good choice for experienced landscape designers and design companies. Its greenish colour scheme and modern design will attract any customer.

Exterior Design WP Theme

Details | Demo

Colourful Gardening Responsive WordPress Theme

This theme is simple, modern and bright. It’s the best one to start projects, give information about yourself and share new ideas.

Garden Design Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Dark Background and Bright Details – New Landscaping Responsive WordPress Theme

This inspiring theme differs from the others with its up-to-date design. Colourful details and sober background will draw anyone’s attention.

Landscape Design Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Minimalist Landscape Design Responsive WordPress Theme

This inspiring WordPress theme is for those people, who like simple, but elegant designs and clear structure. It’s modern-looking and eye-catching.

Landscape Design Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Landscape Architecture WordPress Template

This theme is simple and multipurpose. With its help you can create a blog, a collection of articles or an official page of your design company.

Exterior Design WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Beautiful and Tender Landscaping WordPress Theme

This nice theme can be used to create a photo blog, designer studio webpage or portfolio. It looks very tender and elegant, that’s why it will be perfect for every nature lover.

Landscape Design Alive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

New Exterior Design WordPress Theme

This new theme has greenish color scheme and easy-to-use structure. It’s clear and useful, so you can choose it to create a design studio or landscape planning company online.

Art of Building WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Simple and Sober-Coloured Gardening Blog WordPress Template

This template is modern and elegant. Sober colour scheme and simple design make it special and eye-catching. With this theme your blog will be attractive and easy-to-use.

Exterior Design Blog WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Colourful Inspiring Ecoscaping Responsive WordPress Theme

Here you see the popular green-and-white colour combination, which will attract every nature-lover and gardener. Green is considered to be a symbol of nature and flora, so this theme will be an ideal choice to make an ecoscaping website.

Garden Design Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

We hope you’ve enjoyed our collection, but if you haven’t found here something suitable for your needs, have a look at the other lists at TemplateMonster.com. Without any doubts, there you will find the original theme for your website!

Also, TemplateMonster offers you to learn how to start a website at Startup Hub. Give a start to your career right now and don’t be afraid of any difficulties, because fortune favors the daring!

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