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StudioPress Merges Into Copyblogger Media LLC

Found out late last week that StudioPress along with several other companies merged together to form Copyblogger Media LLC, which is a new consolidated company

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Revolution Themes Go Open Source

The past few days, I’ve been following Brian Gardner’s blog closely waiting for his announcement regarding this new “project” that he mentioned on his blog a couple weeks back. Many of his readers have been speculating on what the project would be.

Now the cat is out of the bag as Brian Gardner officially announced earlier today that Revolution Themes would go open source, meaning all themes would be released under a GPL license and in compliance with WordPress standards.

What happens to the previously released Revolution themes?

As of 12:00 midnight, Friday October 31st, the themes that are currently available at the Revolution theme site will no longer be available. Ever. This was a decision that I made in order to protect the integrity of the current themes and the conditions under which they were released. Over the past year I have built a community of Revolution users, and to freely offer up those themes would be completely unfair to them. My community matters to me, and this is how I have chosen to handle current themes.

On November 1st, the Revolution Theme site will be relaunched with completely new themes that will all be released under the GPL license, meaning anyone can download it for FREE. For those who need support, need more options or wish to have a customized version of the theme, these services/features are available for a certain fee.

More details after the jump.

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iThemes WordPress Themes Club

iThemes Premium WordPress Themes by Brian Gardner and Corey Miller have recently announced the launch of its WordPress Themes Club or as they call it

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Revolution Pro Media Theme

In the past, the thought of selling premium WordPress themes was unheard of and seemed unfeasible because of the availability of many free public WordPress themes. Late last year, Brian Gardner changed it all when he released his Revolution WordPress theme and with that, started the whole WordPress premium theme revolution.

Yesterday, Brian announced the release of his latest project called the Revolution Pro Media Theme. If you loved the original Revolution theme, I’m sure you’ll also love this theme or even more.

Some features of the Pro Media theme include:

  • Featured homepage tabber area
  • Featured photos from Flickr
  • Featured YouTube video
  • Other featured areas using custom fields
  • Google AdSense integration in between posts and comments
  • Section, Archive, Blog page templates


Revolution Pro Media Theme Homepage

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iThemes: Premium WordPress Themes

My friend Brian Gardner one of the most popular WordPress theme designers around and author of the popular Revolution Premium WordPress themes together with Corey

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WP Theme Review: Revolution

Early this month, Brian Gardner hinted on his blog about an upcoming project called Project X. It was supposed to be a WordPress theme that

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WP Theme Review: Navigate

One of my regular readers, requested for a Wordpress theme that has a bottom bar, specifically a theme that doesn’t use either black or red in it’s color scheme. So I went out and searched for one.

Navigate is a simple modern-looking, 2-column theme created for Wordpress by Brian Gardner.

Basic Features:

  • Customizable header image (blank logo provided)