WPDesigner’s $5 Themes Club

WP Designer's $5 Themes Club Last week, Small Potato of WPDesigner.com introduced his upcoming project called the Five Dollar Theme Club. It was initially scheduled to be launched yesterday but due to some circumstances, it was delayed and was launched today.

The $5 Themes Club will offer WordPress themes for $5 per year. No folks, that is not a typo nor is it your eyes playing tricks on you. I’ll use SP’s own words to explain what the $5 Themes Club is about and how it works:

What is this club?

This is a WordPress themes club. You pay $5 per year for unlimited access / downloads. Each year, you’re guaranteed at least 12 themes.

What are you allowed to do with the club themes?

You do not need a developer license to use the club themes for your clients. And, you may use your club themes on as many domain names as you wish; make sure you own those domains. Basically, just don’t resell, give them away for free, and / or claim that you’ve created them. Here’s the terms and conditions page.

No Add-ons and Hidden Fees

There’s no copyright or credit removal to purchase or add on to the $5. You pay $5 for the whole year. That’s it. The club themes come without copyright labels or links. In fact, the only trace of Wpdesigner and yours truly is on two short lines in the style.css file.

Themes Support

There are two ways to get help. The first one is through the ticket system from your themes club account. The second one is through the forums, where you’d usually get a faster response because multiple people would be viewing your question at the same time.

Just to let you know, I already signed up for it. I know I just bought a new theme so what do I need it for? It doesn’t require a rocket scientist to figure out that 12 good quality WordPress themes for only $5/year is a real bargain. Plus with that price, you get support from the club forum which is not available with most free WordPress themes. This is ideal for WordPress users who can’t afford custom or premium themes but would like to have a unique, customized theme for their blogs. If you sign up and join the club, you can basically do anything you want with the themes except reselling and redistributing it.

Btw, here’s a preview of some themes that will be available in the $5 Themes Club:

Personal Theme
$5 Theme Club Personal Theme

Music Theme
$5 Theme Club Music Theme

If you like the idea of spending only $5 on WordPress themes for a whole year, head on over to WPDesigner and join the club! Click here to immediately sign up.

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  1. @Small Potato – You’re welcome! Sorry man, I already had this post ready to be published a few minutes after I signed up and I didn’t want it to be published when it’s already old news, you know what I’m saying?

    Anyways, if you can send me the press package I’d appreciate it. Thanks for dropping by! :)

  2. Hey Jaypee. Thank you for recommending my club. You got tired of waiting for the press package huh? Hehe. I know I know.

    @K – Yes, you can use the club themes even if you don’t renew.

  3. @K – For someone who can afford a Mac, I don’t think $5 is a big deal right? ;)

    Well, in your case you know how to customize and tweak a theme so you won’t have any problems with free themes. Yup, you’re right. It depends on the user’s preference and how they use it.

    I guess I don’t have to answer your question since SP himself came over to answer it. :)

  4. It looks fairly attractive pero $5 is still expensive for me, Jaypee hahaha. I’ll remain loyal to the many FREE theme authors (the thoughs of it-is-up-to-you-to-costumize-stuff is never a problem). IMO ‘personal blogs’ doesn’t need to worry with free themes, it depends on how you really use it. Different folks, different strokes.

    Well it’s a new world out there for theme authors so they should really make one that stands out, with support and some other things.

    What if you didn’t renew the subs? Do you still have the authority to use it?

  5. @Pinay – Oh good. So have you signed up already or you’ll wait for the other themes to be released first?

    Thank you! Glad you like it here. Good to see/meet another filipino blogger in the blogosphere. Btw, where exactly in the US are you located?

  6. @Ederic – Oo nga, mabenta na talaga ang mga premium themes ngayon. Meron naman kasing demand kaya meron din nagsusupply. Saka mura na yon for $5. May balak ka bang mag sign up? Hehe :D

  7. @Pinay – Well if you want to be sure, you can wait until the themes are released before you join or sign up. For now, only the Gossip is available for download but more are coming in the next few months. It’s like a theme for each month. Well, for some users like sylv3rblade, $5 a year is a small risk for getting 12 good quality themes.

    Btw, it’s your first time to visit this blog right? Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you here again. :)

  8. @sylv3rblade – Yep, only $5 a year for atleast 12 quality themes with full support. So did you sign up already? Btw, do you plan to use the themes on your blog or do something else with it? :)

  9. @ate PinayInTheUS
    Well we can get PSP games for $5 (from PSN), why not Premium themes too? XD

    @Kuya Jaypee

    Not really.. but it’s a “just in case” resource.. it’s just $5 anyway. Isang Paid review lang haha

  10. i am definitely interested :D i will be back for updates
    ..and yes it is my first time here…very nice blog btw. i was just surfing through the web looking for fellow filipino bloggers

  11. granted it’s $5, i would like to see more themes included though. the only one i was able to see was the gossip theme…

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