Who Likes What? [Infographic]

If you liked the History of Social Networking infographic that I shared with you a couple weeks back, then I’m sure you’re gonna like this one too. It’s another social media infographic created by KISSmetrics called Who Likes What.

This infographic breaks down the top social media or social networking sites according to gender, age, income and other demographics. The sites involved in this infographic are: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, StumbleUpon, YouTube and Digg.

Who Likes What Infographic

Key Points:

  • MySpace has the greatest gender divide, with a 64% female and 36% male membership.
  • Twitter has the largest division of wealthy users with 27% earning $75,000/year or more.
  • Facebook has the largest division of older users with 37% being 45 years or older.
  • Digg has the largest division of users with a graduate degree at 9%.
  • Stumbleupon is very popular among graphic designers. You’re 14.2 times more likely to reach a graphic designer through Stumbleupon than if you were to cast your marketing message broadly across the internet.

This infographic doesn’t only provide interesting data to regular users but it also helps bloggers, webmasters, advertising and marketing people to determine what or where they should be focusing their marketing efforts on.

What do you think of KISSmetric’s Who Likes What Social Media infographic? What particular statistic or data do you find most interesting? Please share your thoughts.

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