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Who Likes What? [Infographic]

If you liked the History of Social Networking infographic that I shared with you a couple weeks back, then I’m sure you’re gonna like this one too. It’s another social media infographic created by KISSmetrics

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WeFollow – User Powered Twitter Directory

Fount out yesterday that Digg founder, Kevin Rose has created the first user powered Twitter directory called WeFollow. What WeFollow does is that it tracks the top Twitter users based on the number of followers

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WP Plugin Review: WP Greet Box

In my previous themes, I created a custom greet box for readers and visitors that invited/encouraged them to subscribe to my RSS feed. It was very effective (I think) but the thing about it is

weekend roundup
Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup #17

How was your weekend guys? Hope you all had fun and enjoyed the time you spent with family and friends or whatever activity you had this weekend. Anyways, here’s this week’s roundup. Hope you guys

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Digg Style Admin Plugin – Stolen

Remember the my post about the Digg Style WordPress Dashboard several months ago? Well, it turns out that someone went through his plugins folder and downloaded every single file to looking for the Digg Style

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Blog Updates 03.07

Time once again for blog updates where I talk about and list the things I’ve added or changed in my blog. First stop, I added the FeedBlitz email service so that you, my beloved readers

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Digg Style WordPress Dashboard

Teddy Hwang, a site designer was having a bad week. His creative juices wasn’t flowing and it was affecting his work. So in his frustration with work, he spent his time on something else. He


What is OpenID?

OpenID has been a hot topic lately. A few days ago, AOL announced it’s support for the system. Then recently, Digg’s Kevin Rose also announced during the Future Of Web Apps conference that they will

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Digg Yourself

Can you believe it? Tagged five times just for the month of January? Talk about starting the year! Hehe. The culprit for this last meme is no other than Dimaks. It’s a good thing you