Digg Style Admin Plugin – Stolen

Remember the my post about the Digg Style WordPress Dashboard several months ago? Well, it turns out that someone went through his plugins folder and downloaded every single file to looking for the Digg Style Admin plugin.

After that incident, a certain blog started distributing the Digg Style Admin plugin and what makes it worse is that the blog/blogger is actually taking credit for the plugin.

Teddy Hwang’s reaction:

Wow, it never ceases to amaze me what lengths people will go to get what they want. Like all default WordPress installations, my plugin folder didn’t have a blank index.html to hide the files. Some people have went through the trouble of downloading every single plugin I had to find out which one was the digg styled admin. I know that at least one blog is distributing it. This proves exactly why I didn’t want to release the theme in the first place. Even though I didn’t create the original design of digg, it sucks knowing that somebody went behind my back and took the incomplete plugin and started distributing it without my permission.

Here’s a video of the Digg Style Admin in action:

Digg Style WordPress Theme! – video powered by Metacafe

This is such an unfortunate event. After all the time and effort that Teddy put into this plugin it just ended up being stolen and distributed by someone else. This could’ve prevented if he limited access to his plugins folder, but who would have thought someone would do something like that? The plugin wasn’t even complete yet.

Don’t worry Teddy, me and my readers know that you were the original creator of this plugin and you deserve all the credit for the Digg Style Admin plugin. Keep up the good work! Due to the popular demand of this plugin, Teddy is working on completing it and releasing it to the public as soon as the folks from Digg approve it.

Advise to the public: Don’t download the Digg Style Admin plugin from any other source than Teddy Hwang’s site. This way, we can show that we don’t support internet theft.

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  1. if the metacafe video is from the person that stole it, than they are profiting off of it and you might want to remove it.

  2. @J David – That's a good idea. Hopefully someone from Digg would read this or hear about this story and help Teddy Hwang and recoznize him as the official creator/distributor of the Digg Style Admin theme.

  3. @jhay – I dunno if it's worth pursuing a lawsuit. Btw, I tried accessing the blog that's distributing it and it seems that the owner abandoned it already. Must've gotten scared. Bloggers should help each other out and when something like this happens again, we should boycott blogs/bloggers who steal stuff from others.

    @ade – I know.

    @trench – That and there are some people who find pleasure in vandalizing other people's stuff. It's good that he didn't do much damage and that you were able to get it fixed.

  4. Its just a lack of respect now. No one seems to give a damn about another persons hardwork. Today, my blog got all jacked. Some dude found a way to put all types on index files in all my folders in my wordpress setup. Happened after I upgraded too.. bleh. I had to go into each and replace them and I was careful to set all my permissions this time. Hopefully, thats the end of it.

  5. Do I hear lawsuits? ;)

    Seriously though, someone should do something about it. All we could do is either boycott the thieve's site or something else.

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