WeFollow – User Powered Twitter Directory

Fount out yesterday that Digg founder, Kevin Rose has created the first user powered Twitter directory called WeFollow. What WeFollow does is that it tracks the top Twitter users based on the number of followers and lists them under different categories

WeFollow - User Powered Twitter Directory

The front page of WeFollow features the popular tags or categories: celebrity, politics, actor, tech, music and news. You can view and check out other tags/categories using the Popular Tags section on the right side.

WeFollow Popular Tags

You can also view the Top 100 Tweeters on the WeFollow Twitter Directory.

WeFollow Top Tweeters

To add your blog to the WeFollow Twitter Directory, all you need to do is send a tweet using the following format:

@wefollow #yourtag #yourtag #yourtag

As an example, I’ll use the tweet and tags I used for JaypeeOnline:

@wefollow #blogging #wordpress #reviews

Or if you’re already logged in to Twitter, just visit WeFollow.com and click on this button:

WeFollow Add Button

It will automatically create a tweet with the suggested format. All you need to do is replace the tags with your own tags or tags that you’d like your blog to be listed under. Maximum of 3 tags so you need to choose your tags wisely.

WeFollow Auto Tweet

Its as easy as that. Once WeFollow receives your tweet, your blog will automatically be added to the directory. To check if your blog has alread been added, just do a search for one of the tags/category you used for your blog. Remember the list is based on the number of Twitter followers so users who have the most followers will be on top of the list.

I like WeFollow! It provides Twitter users like me a simple and easy way to find and track other Twitter users who belong to a specific niche/category. Its also a good way of finding other tweeters who belong to your niche to expand your network.

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter which is another way of receiving updates on my latest posts aside from subscribing to my RSS feeds.

For those of you who are on Twitter, have you already heard or joined WeFollow? What tags/categories did you list your blog under?

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  1. @jan – Oh, so you can connect Likaholix to FriendFeed? I didn’t even know that. Maybe you should teach me how to do it. Hehe

    Yeah, I saw that too but its too much work for me and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to meet the requirements to win that Kindle 2.

    Yup, you’re right and you are a good online buddy. ;)

  2. I'm still trying it out for size, Likaholix whatever. hahaha. I connected it to Friendfeed so whatever I find in Likaholix gets posted as well in Friendfeed. Can't be at both places at the same time now, right?

    They're giving away Kindle2 e-reader. Sad thing though only users in the USA are eligible to win the prize.

    The last time I look there's a definition for that and it's called being friends or being a good online buddy. LOL.

  3. @Brian – You’re welcome! Based on my experience, it seemed like it only took a few seconds for my Twitter account to show up on the listings. I think once the WeFollow Twitter account receives your tags, it automatically updates the listings. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. JP, great tip. Thanks.
    How long does it take to show up in the wefollow listings?

    @raju – don’t see anything on the site about lifting the 3 tag limit.

  5. @jan – You’re practically following me everywhere. I think they have a term for that..LOL just kidding. Btw, its Likaholix. ;)

    WeFollow is really cool, I like it. How about you?

  6. @Raju – Are you sure about that? I haven’t heard anything about the maximum number of tags being lifted. I checked and all I can see are 3 tags for each Twitter account/user.

  7. Followed you in Twitter. Followed you in Likaholic – did I get it right. Might as well follow your lead on K. Rose’s We Follow Twitter Directory. Okay, heading out to check… :)

  8. twitter… what is this “twitter” thing? is it a newly discovered bird species?

    wehehe! hi jaypee! this is deejay from GTM. thanks for droppin by my blog. :D

  9. @jhay – I guess so. But who wouldn’t? Its like one of the most popular social networks around aside from Facebook and MySpace and stats show that Twitters popularity is growing each day. So have you submitted your blog to WeFollow?

  10. @c5 – Yeah you should. There’s no required minimum number of followers, so anyone can join. Btw, if you want to have more followers, one of the tricks is to follow more people. ;)

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