How eLearning Of Programming Languages Is Shaping The Career Of Millions

Programming Languages

If defined in the perfect way, E-Learning is ‘The use of any electronic technology to aid in the acquisition and development of knowledge.’ E-Learning has opened the gates to knowledge to students all around the world without any limits. E-Learning is the new trend, and it has arrived to stay. If practiced correctly, E-Learning proves to be a far better learning process than the conventional way of learning, making it a low cost and high result alternative. Also, unlike a single class session, E-Learning is available for other students as well, making it a convenient way to learn.

But not all E-Learning courses are the same. For example, it may be a simple web-based course which educates about the Pythagoras Theorem, or it can be an extensive course in React JS tutorials. Whatever the case may be, E-Learning has proved to be advantageous for students of all ages and backgrounds irrespective of the field they are in. One pathway that E-Learning has improved drastically is the path for developers of all kinds, be it software, web, or Android. Let’s have a look at how E-Learning of programming languages is shaping the career of millions around the world:

Fast and Limitless

In the current digital world, technology is fast and limitless, making E-Learning follow the same path. With no shortage of study material online, programmers all around the globe can learn the programming language of their choice with a systematic learning plan. These learning plans not only educate the user but also help them prepare for the future with the help of scheduled exams. Budding Programmers can open the Pandora box to their preferred programming language with a single click. The E-Learning Program also helps programmers to connect with a wider group of budding learners and educators spread across countries helping them maximize their learning process.

A Convenient way to Learn

With all the learning material available at the learner’s fingertips, the budding programmers can gain knowledge at their own pace and convenience. Students, Full-Time workers, and hobbyists can learn to code anytime they can, making it a useful tool to have. Without having to travel to classrooms and libraries, E-Learning brings the earning home to the user making it cost-effective as well. E-Learning has made learning much more than just a classroom.

Multiple studies have shown that making education available around the clock yields a positive result due to more and more learners taking up E-Learning that conventional learning practices. The digital generation spends most of its time with their gadgets and it is helpful that each gadget connects them to a learning world. Users with Smartphones with internet connectivity are practically walking with thousands and thousands of classrooms in their pockets. E-Learning is shaping the career of millions of people of all ages and backgrounds to help them acquire new skills to improve their current career or just gain a new skill set, and with a simple internet connection, budding programmers can educate themselves and be future-ready.

E-Learning Knows no Boundaries

With E-Learning, programmers have the option to learn and practice with the whole world. Today classrooms are not enclosed rooms but the whole planet is a potential classroom. People from all parts of the world join together to learn and share knowledge. Through E-Learning, different programmers from different parts of the world can share their practice codes, study material, and learning processes to maximize the learning effort. Through learning material, cultural exchange is made as well and constant cultural exchange can help the students in many ways.

The most important aspect of E-Learning is that it connects people of all experience levels which makes it easier for new and upcoming programmers to help shape their career by learning from programmers who are successful in their careers. It helps them learn from the mistakes of the people who have already made them and get a better and clearer pathway to success.

No Pressure, Only Learning

E-Learning has risen one step above the traditional teaching methods and has eradicated dull lectures and thick textbooks. E-Learning is not about cramming to pass an exam but it has emerged as an education system that focuses more on learning, interaction, practice, and discussion rather than learning to pass an exam for marks. E-Learning has encouraged millions and millions to interact with students and educators around the globe to maximize their learning environment.

When the learner can control the amount of material they want to cover in a period of time, it will give better retention results rather than the conventional classrooms with deadlines and exams. Programmers can set their own goals and learn their desired programming language at their own pace taking E-Learning a step forward than orthodox methods.

Low Cost and Time Saver

Traditional education practices involve costs for textbooks, study material, and transportation to the learning facility which can prove to be quite a lot. On the other hand, taking classes online brings down the cost to practically nothing. This has led to multiple ventures investing in E-Learning as the bulk of their training costs come from travel and material which can be reduced by E-Learning. Removing the travel and material costs, the companies can bring down training costs by almost half, several studies have shown.

By implementing E-Learning, ventures can eliminate the need for a classroom with the appropriate setting which can reduce the cost of acquiring and maintaining an education space and even eliminate the need for a direct instructor. Ventures also save about 35-40% of their time by implementing E-Learning.

Students from across the globe are indulging in programming while working or studying as it does not require a definite time or high costs. This can help them learn at their own time and pace while handling their other responsibilities as well.

Graphics and Practice, not Text

The human brain prefers images and graphics over large amounts of texts, making E-Learning better than standard textbooks. E-Learning comes with graphics and complemented with interactions and projects, making it a pleasant learning experience.

Programmers can try their hand at development tools along their learning schedule to sharpen their skills at an accelerated rate, making retention even stronger.

E-Learning has opened a new portal of learning for programmers where they can start learning their preferred programming language with virtually zero costs at their own time and speed. With hundreds of free and paid certification courses available online, E-Learning of programming languages is shaping the career of millions.

This is a guest contribution by Saurabh Hooda. Saurabh has worked globally for telecom and finance giants in various capacities. After working for a decade in Infosys and Sapient, he started his first startup, Lenro, to solve a hyperlocal book-sharing problem. He is interested in the product, marketing, and analytics. His latest venture recommends the best Angular tutorial and online programming courses for every programming language. All the tutorials are submitted and voted by the programming community.

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