Master Of The Web – IE9 Web Game (Win $100 A Week)

Master of the Web

To promote and help boost the popularity of their latest web browser Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft created an online game called Master of the Web. As a bonus, Microsoft is giving away cash prizes – $100 to the weekly top scorer for the next 12 weeks and a grand prize of $3,000 to the overall top scorer at the end of 12 weeks.

Master of the Web is made up of three lessons (levels) and three different games.

Master of the Web
Lesson 1: Speedy Scrambling Hands Style
Objective: Catch as many eggs as you can within 1 minutes.

  • You need to click on the egg once it is thrown at you and then click on the bowl to drop it.
  • Each successfully deposited egg gives you 10 points.
  • If you miss a egg and it hits you, you will be unable to catch any eggs for 3 seconds.

Master of the Web
Lesson 2: Beginner’s Muck
Objective: Clean six paintings within two minutes.

  • Click and drag over the paintings to clean them.
  • As you are doing so, the sponge will dirtier – until it can no longer be used.
  • Click on the sponge icon to get a new one and continue cleaning.
  • Points will be allocated according to how fast you clean all paintings, or how much of them you clean.

Master of the Web
Lesson 3: Trust or Bust!
Objective: Fend off your attackers.

  • Click on the enemies to repel them.
  • For every attacker you hit, you’ll score 10 points.
  • If they manage to hit you, you’ll lose 5 points.
  • Grab the IE9 icon for an immunity power-up. This means points will no longer be deducted when you get hit!

NOTE: This game is only available to a select number of countries namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and New Zealand. If you’re not from any of the countries listed, you can still play and enjoy the game but you won’t be eligible to enter the contest.

If you’re into these type of games and have time to spare, why don’t you give it a shot? Aside from enjoying and having fun, you also get a shot at winning the $100 weekly prize and the $3,000 grand prize. Btw, if you want to play this game make sure to use Internet Explorer 9 to get the best gaming experience. Master of the Web was designed/optimized to work with IE9.

Who else tried the Master of the Web Internet Explorer 9 game? Do you like the game? What’s your best score?

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    1. @Joie – Why? Is it blocked there? Sorry bout that. Maybe you can use some type of proxy service. If not, then it’s all good. There’s lots of other fun games that you can play other than this. :D

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